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Region: Greater Middle East


MHP: Nationalist Movement Party-Turkish Nationalism, Turkic Nationalism-1923
CHP: People's Republican Party-Kemalism/Social democracy fusion-1969
SHP: Socialist People's Party-Socialism-1999
LDP: Liberal Demokrat Party-Classical liberalism-1994
TKP: Turkish Communist Party-Communism-1920
THP: Turkish People's Party-Neo Ottomanism/Islamic Conservatism-2001

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Tonight was a night of shocks, the MHP ripped through Anatolia to claim flip 14 provinces from the CHP and SHP. And two from the LDP. Granting them control over half of Turkey's provinces, and effectively control over local politics for the next half decade. With it clear they they have begun to break into the CHP's Aegean and East Black Sea region, but still have not made a breakthrough into the Southeast. But they did preform fairly well Batman, coming neck and neck with the SHP calls of a possible recount of the vote in the province. The CHP preformed fairly better than the MHP in the parliament only losing 13 seats, compared to the CHP who lost 48 seats. But the tale of the night would be the THP who after 19 years of trying, finally broke into Turkish politics. Founded in the ashes of the Refah Party, that were banned due to violating the constitutions secular laws. With none of the fall out parties being able to claim success, except for former Istanbul Mayor Recep Tayyip Erdoğan claiming success after serving his jail sentence due to being party of the leadership in the Refah Party who had violated the constitution. Though his success came in Football, rather than politics. The Turkish People's Party, originally called ODP (Ottoman Reform Party). However in 2017 a man named Binali Yıldırım, a close friend of Erdoğan, ran for leadership of the ODP. With Erdoğan making his first return to politics since 1999 in his endorsement speech of Yıldırım for party boss. Yıldırım quickly reformed the party to the Turkish People's Party and appeal direct to the Anatolian voter base, giving them solutions that played into the narrative their ideology had tested out previously in the big cities. This worked out for them tonight, as they went from zero seats in the Grand National Assembly to becoming the third largest with 70 seats. And flipped the major cities of Konya and Trabzon, both making up the five major cities of Anatolia. And won 9 provinces, even coming in third in Istanbul due to Anatolian migrant communities. Tonight also saw the collapse of the TKP, who fell down to only one province, and fell bellow the 3% requirement to enter parliament. Losing all the seats they had. The LDP also preformed poorly tonight on the mainland, losing all of their provinces except for Antalya. But like always they preformed well in Cyprus, Crete, and Rhodes. Winning in Cyprus with 57% of the vote, and came in second by only 2% in both Crete and Rhodes. This continue to solidify the LDP as the islands, which was reinforced when they became the only party in parliament to do their post election address from outside Ankara. Which was held in the capital of the Cyprus province of Lefkoşa. At the end of the night, both the MHP and CHP will be looking to form a majority coalition with the Grand National Assembly so that President Bahçeli can reopen the Grand National Assembly, if they cannot. It will force a do over for the Grand National Assembly election. Prime Minister Akşener as of tonight will be Acting Prime Minister Akşener until a new coalition government is put together. With the powers of the Prime Minister being transferred over to the Presidency. Turkey will either face a future that will be continued under Prime Minister Akşener or a new Prime Minister in the former President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. The SHP, LDP, and THP look to be the ones to determine the faith of the nation.


Grand National Assembly

Government or Opposition

Party Leader


MPs in Grand National Assembly



Mansur Yavaş

İYİ Parti (İYİ Party)


Classical liberalism
Turkish nationalism
Traditional Kemalism

Supports Government

Murat John Akar

Güçlü Türkiye Partisi (Strong Turkey Party)


Americanization (5-10%)


Ekrem İmamoğlu

Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi (People’s Republican Party)


Social Democracy
Kemalism-Socialism Fusion


Muharrem İnce

Sosyalist Halk Partisi (Socialist People's Party)


Left wing
Communism (15-30%)


Alp Mardinoğlu

Genç Atsız Partisi (Young Atsız Party)


Turanism (25-30%)


Cem Hatipoğlu

Yeşiller Partisi (Greens Party)


Green liberalism

Independent MPs

No Group Leader

Zehra Özdemir
İbrahim Varnalı

İzmir MP
Kirklareli MP


Eternal President

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Founder of Turkey


Meral Akşener İYİ

Prime Minister

Mansur Yavaş İYİ

Speaker of Grand National Assembly

Sinan Oğan İYİ

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu İYİ

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