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TgCom24 News Agency Report

President Mussolini begins circulating Constitutional Referendum

After having spent these past weeks building up his administration's popularity & goodwill with the Italian People. President Mussolini has begun to circulate the idea of holding a Constitutional Referendum across Italy. One that may concern delegating even further power to the position that concurrently makes up the President of Italy. Immediate outrage was heard across the Left within Italy. The Communist Party of Italy condemned such an idea as a covert attempt at suggesting that Italy be turned into a dictatorship. Some suggesting that even granting the position a slight amount of power could be a slip into tyranny.

Although the outrage was not as heavily felt across most citizens. Many felt that the form of Government had been lacking in response to the COVID-19 virus which led to the fall of the previous administration & the formation of the Mussolini cabinet. What's more, President Mussolini often personally guided or led initiatives to assist the citizenry of Italy. His "Get Back to Work" plan has encountered high success among the populace. Especially in impoverished areas like Naples which recently witnessed a massive investment from the Zhen Government to modernize the railway system.

Thus many have agreed with his sentiment & have voiced their support for the idea of such a referendum. In addition, President Mussolini personally stated,

"I am not looking to turn Italia into a dictatorship. After all, Constitutional Article 139 prevents the Republican form of Government from being changed. So how would I introduce such an idea into Italia? I simply wish to introduce change that will benefit all of Italia. I believe we have many lessons to learn after this virus"

Mussolini has proposed that the voting centers be used to facilitate such an ordeal. Although he has not fully committed to such an idea.

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President Mussolini called current Italian Army Chief of Staff Federico Bonato. The man who replaced Salvatore Farina when he was discovered to have contracted COVID-19. Bonato answered,

F: "Yes Mr. President"

M: "Good evening. We should see the waves crash upon the shores"

F: "Understood Mr. President"

Mussolini ended the call & organized a prompt escort to an unmarked location within Rome. The building was officially owned by a noted Monarchist sympathist. This explained why several Monarchist party members were present & actively guarding the site. Many greeted the President as he went inside where he found the Chief of Staff & Monarchist heir waiting. Mussolini greeted the men before delving quickly into business,

M: "Alright gentleman. Let us get to work. So, under Article 139, any change to the Italian Government will naturally be nigh impossible to facilitate. However, this does not mean we are to give up. My great grandfather once discarded the traditional ruleset as well. We can as well"

(Amedeo - Monarchist heir): "Well my party has been slowly building support throughout the country. We have garnered decent support within the North-West. Within the North-East we are struggling. In the Central Area of Italy we are doing much better. But it is down South where we are truly building support. We have built up a strong base of support in several cities & are currently in the process of locking down Naples. Once our reform convention is finished. I believe our party will be unstoppable. Especially as the Fascists & Communists battle each other with their Summits"

M: "Great to hear. Once your support is adequate. We can simply discard Article 139 & impose our will just like they did in the March on Rome. Now, we will need the loyalty of the Army if we are to achieve this. That is where you will come in General Bonato. After all, it was I who secured your position. I have made sure that General Farina will be declared dead due to COVID-19 tomorrow. Your position as Chief of the Army Staff has been secured."

F: "Of course, Mr President. I have begun to promulgate Monarchist sentiment throughout the Armed Forces. I have ensured Monarchist members enlist within the Armed Forces. I have also begun to identify members within the Officer Corps who may share Monarchist sympathies. I've also secured documents to provide to the Monarchists to assist them in organizing a paramilitary force"

M: "Very good. Now, we will need to worry about the international response. This is not 1920 anymore. The world is much more sensitive in this era. I do not doubt the European Union & possibly the pesky Americans will give grave consideration to this. We will need to build up goodwill with our neighbors to ensure that the backlash is not too great"

A: "Yes, indeed. We did attend the German funeral. That should endear us at least slightly with the Germans. We have hosted the British. Even if they are not within the Union. Any support is good. I know our Democratic Party has been building relations with the Serbs. The French, they have been busy with the Koreans. The Dutch. We do not know much but they seem to be busy with their own affairs. The Bulgarians. They seem to also be busy with their affairs. Overall, i'd say that we should be in a good position to not garner overall condemnation. But I would still be weary.

M: "Indeed. We will need to build up our military beforehand. So as to at least provide some measure of protection should the worse come to pass. But we will bring about change within Italia. Even if the world isn't prepared for it. Italia First!"

A: "Italia First!"

F: "Italia First!"

With that the men dispersed. President Mussolini went back to his residence. He will uphold his family's legacy. No matter the trials he must face.


Zhen-Vaccines to begin Mass Production

The Vaccines provided by the Zhen, which were tested over a week ago. Have been approved for mass production by the Italian Ministry of Health. They have stated,

"These vaccines have proved very fruitful in our tests. We believe that they will lead to mass recovery from the virus within the coming weeks. I can already see it. The end of this apocalypse is near"

This statement was received very well amongst the populace. With several people rejoicing at the prospect of no longer needing to fear the devastating virus which has ravaged Italia the past couple months. Italian President Mussolini came out to social media to state,

"Italia First! Before I came, this was only a dream. A dream which was being destroyed by a virus & an inept administration. But through my efforts & the gracious aid of the Zhen Dynasty. We have not only successfully combatted COVID-19. We now see an opportunity for mass recovery. No longer will our country suffer! No longer will we live in fear of death!

I stated that Italy wouldn't work for foreigners. But they would work for us! Now look! Through our efforts we have illustrated that foreign relations can be very beneficial for Italia if done right! Now we can recoup our strength & embark on Italia's true destiny. A destiny of greatness that has never been seen before! Italia First!"

President Mussolini's statement skyrocketed with support from the Italian populace as people showed their support for the man. Several top Italian celebrities posted videos of joy in which some of them could be seen crying in happiness. Several more citizens posted videos waving flags of Italy with the #Italia First in the caption.

Least to say, Mussolini's administration has been able to cash in on the virus to massively improve their domestic support.

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