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Korean Central News Agency Report

Supreme Emperor Kim Jong-Un approves Zhen Development plan

Zhen Dynasty wrote:

Board of Works

The Board of Works has unveiled a comprehensive 10-year (2020-2030) framework for the Zhen-sponsored redevelopment of the Korean state:

Projected High Speed Rail (Dalian-Pyongyang)

The Dalian-Pyongyang high-speed rail line (DP-HSR) is a dual-track, electrified, high-speed rail line. It runs from Shenyang to Dandong, where it connects to the Pyongui Line and the Pyongbu Line.

Cost $9 billion USD
Distance 682.3 km
Origin Dalian Railway Station
Destination Pyongyang Station (Korean State Railway)
Stations/Stops 3 (Shenyang, Sinijiu, Pyongyang)
Operational Rolling Stock

    13 HSR rolling stock sets;
    13 CRH380B/BL (8-car)

Electrification 25 kV 50 Hz AC Overhead Line
Max Speed 250 km/h

The Pyongui and Pyongbu Lines require intensive renovations, in order to increase its operating speeds from 100km/h to over 250km/h. Additionally, the Pyongui Line is currently a single-track line - a second track will be laid down to fulfil the dual-track requirements of the DP rail line. The Pyongui and Pyongbu Lines also require upgrades in electrifications, to render it compatible with 25 kV 50 Hz AC Overhead lines.

$300 million USD will be used to renovate 59 of the stations within North Korea's provincial borders. $14.8 million USD will go towards the purchase of 13 sets of 8-car CRH380B/BL rolling stock.

Upon completion (est. date ~3 yrs), trains will run from Dalian to Seoul on 4-hour intervals. A one-way trip from Dalian to Pyongyang will be completed in 2-3 hours.

Industrial Expansion

Under the current redevelopment plans, Zhen companies have pledged to develop the region industrially, by the construction and operation of a variety of heavy and light industrial facilities.







Rason Zhen Industrial Shipyard No. 11

42°13'19.2"N 130°16'42.7"E

4 dry docks (170mx40mx8m)

Commercial and military vessels


Rason Cargo Terminal No. 12

42°14'19.8"N 130°17'31.1"E

163,960 mē container storage area, with 8
gantry cranes

Cargo storage (44,000 TEUs)


Heavy Industry






Kilju Electroplating Plant No. 4

40°58'39.4"N 129°19'07.5"E

Chrome plating

Car bodies for KIA Motors, piston rods,
decorative plating, colour-coated steel products


Ochongjan Integrated Steel Mill No. 5

40°51'31.2"N 128°50'52.5"E

Blast furnace, rough rolling, product rolling, casting

Automotive steel, high-strength structure steel,
wire rods, bars, API line pipe steel


Chosan Integrated Steel Mill No. 6

40°49'54.8"N 125°48'39.8"E

Blast furnace, rough rolling, product rolling, casting

Automotive steel, high-strength structure steel,
wire rods, bars, API line pipe steel


Great Wall Motors Taechon
Automobile Assembly Site No. 7

39°55'08.5"N 125°27'49.5"E

72,500 units annual capacity

ORA R1 EV city cars


Light Industry






Pukchin Cotton Mill No. 1

40°11'32.4"N 125°44'56.8"E

390 ring spinning spindles

Cotton fibres


Kophung Vinylon Plant No. 2

40°36'56.5"N 125°57'51.7"E

15,000 production machines, 1,700 container tanks

Vinylon fibres


Chongju Nylon Factory No. 3

39°40'54.2"N 125°12'36.8"E

Extrusion, casting, and injection moulding

engineering-grade nylon, hair combs, machine screws,
gears, gaskets, 3D printing filaments, toothbrushes, fishing lines


Tongsin Nylon Factory No. 8

40°18'15.2"N 126°18'43.3"E

40 basket weaving machines

Ballistic nylon, backpacks, bags, belts, straps, watch bands


Kosan Paper Mill No. 10

38°51'22.5"N 127°25'56.1"E

8 continuous process Fourdrinier machines

Newsprint, magazine papers, tissue, paper towels, napkins


Pakchon Mask Plant No. 13

39°42'58.8"N 125°35'00.8"E

40 mask making machines, 80 outer ear-loop welders, 50 silicone rubber injection molds, 50 eyepiece lens treatment stations,
filter assembly area, 500 worktops

Surgical masks, N95 masks, gas masks


Medicinal Plant No. 14

41°34'14.7"N 128°48'21.1"E

Chemical processing

Didanosine, Tenofovir, Emtricitabine, Lamivudine


Energy Security




Power Generation

Yangdok Oil Refinery

39°12'42.9"N 126°39'41.4"E

Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC)

refines medium-sour crude oil to petroleum, gaoline, diesel


39°13'12.0"N 126°37'39.4"E

4 generating units

415 GWh/month


38°42'07.1"N 127°35'58.8"E

Solar Farm

517,847 kWh/month


38°50'32.6"N 127°28'10.1"E

Solar Farm

201,731 kWh/month

Gaken-Ri Wind Farm

38°42'49.4"N 128°18'00.5"E

Wind Farm

20 MWh/month

Jeongjo Pressurized Water Reactor

37°53'24.0"N 125°57'07.5"E

Hualong One PWR

90 MWe/month

Three high capacity transmission lines transmit the power from Yangdok to Wonsan and Sinpo. It will provide power to 11 counties along Asian Highway 6, alongside the 2 mentioned cities.

Over $30 billion USD will go towards the development of domestic energy security in North Korea.

Read dispatch

Upon approval from Emperor Kim of Korea, operations will begin immediately.

Recently, the Supreme Emperor has given his approval to a comprehensive re-development plan proposed by the Zhen Dynasty. Many cheered on the agreement. Stating that it would bring unprecedented prosperity to North Korea in all sectors of the economy & lead to a mass change in the quality of life. Some Korean economic advisors have even coined it,

"The plan to bring on the second industrial revolution within Korea"

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The Kim Dynasty signs the Pyongyang Accords

In an unprecedented move, the Kim Dynasty has signed the Pyongyang Accords which officially marks Korean entry into the Pyongyang Accords. The signing was witnessed by officials from the various countries of the Pyongyang Accords. Supreme Emperor Kim Jong-Un had the following to state,

"This event marks the Kim Dynasty's entry into the world of foreign politics. No more will be regarded as a hermit kingdom! We will usher in the glorious age of imperial revolution our forefathers fought for in the War of re-unification!"

Several citizens bowed to the Supreme Emperor & were seen chanting statements of support for the Kim Dynasty,

"All hail the Supreme Emperor & his eternal wisdom!"

"Glory to the Supreme Emperor's Dynasty! Glory to Korea!"

"Everything for the Supreme Emperor!"

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Historical Korean Summit in Paris falls through

After the Supreme Emperor graciously accepted to attend a historical summit between the Koreas, America, & the Confederacy in Paris. The Summit was a complete disaster. While negotiations were being held & a deal was almost reached with the Americans. The lower Koreans released several aggressive statements at the end that illustrated their violent stance on the Korean Peninsula,

"Seoul is fully willing to escalate the situation"

"& as you can see, my Government [South Korea] is in no hurry to please yours [North Korea]"

Lower Korea also demonstrated considerable disrespect to Confederate President Jackson throughout the meeting which further deteriorated relations between the Koreas as Jackson was invited as a personal friend to the Kim Dynasty. All of this culminated in the Supreme Emperor walking out of the meeting to end negotiations. He has stated,

"The Summit was an embarrassment to international politics everywhere. We will need to place serious consideration on the situation in the Korean Peninsula & whether the path to peace is still a viable option as the lower Korean regime appears to be instigating trouble with their belligerent statements"

After the Supreme Emperor's statement was broadcasted to the Korean people. Nearly everyone in Pyongyang came out to support the Supreme Emperor. The Army held a march in the Capital in which they re-affirmed their complete dedication & loyalty to the Kim Dynasty. Chanting,

"For the Supreme Emperor! We will strike down the foreign dogs which bark at the gates of Korea!"

The Imperial Youth Cadets came out in force as well. Mobilizing hundreds of thousands of cadets to march near the Capital waving flags of the Kim Dynasty chanting,

"The Youth will take up the torch of the future & continue to lead the Kim Dynasty into prosperity! We will continue to dedicate our lives & well-being to the prosperity of the Supreme Emperor & Korea! Death to traitors & foreign barbarians!"

The Imperial Peasant Guard also came out to show support,

"The people will rise to lead the Imperial Revolution against the foreign Democratic barbarians at the gates of Korea! We will never surrender to foreign dogs who wish to see Korea become a cesspool of degeneracy! Glory to the Kim Dynasty! Glory to Korea!"

All of this was echoed by the general populace who showed a vigorous display of support for the Supreme Emperor. Many in Pyongyang chanting,

"We will bring Death to the enemies of Korea! Everything for the Supreme Emperor! May he lead us into prosperity against foreigners who would desecrate our people!"

This re-invigorated the Kim Dynasty to show that it will not bow to foreigners. The Kim Dynasty has survived thus far. It will continue to do so. Glory to Korea! Glory to the Supreme Emperor!