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South daehanmingug

South Korea Cites “Concerns” Over North Korean Military Exercises

Seoul Steps up Operations to Counter North Korean Aggression

A South Korean fighter aircraft flew within five miles of the DMZ today before turning away and heading towards it’s airbase. Sources confirmed it did not enter Pyongyang’s airspace, and that the aircraft was aiding in a survey of fertile lands for farming. In response to the recent display of hostility, the South resumed loud speaker broadcasts of western media and South Korean news, which it had halted a year ago. The news mentions details like a recent rise in the South Korean economy—something which would be strange to North Koreans, who are told that the South is full of poverty. The broadcasts can usually be heard for miles across the border.

Extra patrols along the Northern Limit Line will take effect for a week before returning to normal.

Seoul has stated these extra measures are merely a precaution against the non-elected Government in Pyongyang and it’s despotic leader.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed hope that, “Her Serene Majesty’s assistance in North Korea will bring food and healthcare to a population entirely oppressed by an incompetent and unconcerned cult of personality.” This was in regard to Chinese involvement in the region.