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Region: The North Pacific

Homyland wrote:You have only the stuff that is in the factbook, like all the people.

I want X-31. Say me the price of 1 unit.

1 Unit being one aircraft is about 50,000 USD

Bala Mantre wrote:So, any threats yet to NIAC? Im just kinda sitting hear with the fancy title of Minister of Defense...

Not really.
There haven't been any real threats.

Western justice wrote:"What's part 2?" Two men were taking a stroll among the beach, staring at the coastline. "Now... we wait... they'll come eventually. We're gonna raise hell. And blast them back to hell." They looked at each other and grinned. This was gonna be fun.

The artillery was finally prepared for a naval invasion. They had the high ground, they had strategic locations, and they had armored support and air support from 3 different bases. Infantry caverns were packed full of training soldiers just waiting for the enemy to come. Meanwhile, near the Dolan, a stealth submarine was tasked with dealing more... severe damage to its operating system. It was armed with a single Orcaeater anti-ship missile, made to annihilate any ship unlucky enough to be targeted with it. Cpt. Armstrong and his small crew were getting ready to launch the missile, then at least try to make it back to the coast.

Pilot William Flint was performing a routine patrol of the coastline with other fully armed squadrons. "This is Scabbard 8-5, all clear," he spoke into his comms device than landed in East Eaglestown. His jet got refueled while he went to a bar, got a glass of water and went outside to watch the sunset. He heard footsteps and turned around to see his friend Arnold Clinton holding a bottled water, grinning. "This is it, partner. A war we damn deserve!" He laughed as he pat William on the back and took a seat, "It ain't just the thrill I'ma enjoy, I'ma enjoy raising a flag over their goddamned capital and turning every last one of them damn slaves to proper cowboys and cowgirls." William looked at his friend and chuckled, "Damn straight, we're 3x smaller, but 3x as deadly. I'ma say Yeehaw every time I drop a bomb or shoot an airplane down." Arnold burst out laughing, "Now THAT'S the spirit. We're gonna do what West always tells us to do, and blow these milk-drinkers back to the hell they came from!"

Meanwhile, on one of the higher Infantry Caverns:
Sniper Chris Flint sat against the wall, polishing his sniper, which he named Betsy, after his sweetheart. When this was over, he was gonna propose, get married, and finally start a family. But that had to wait. He put Betsy down and polished his sidearm, which he named William, after his brother. "Lucky little rattlesnake, you get to go and blow these milkdrinkers to hell," he chuckled to himself, finishing polishing his sidearm, and took position next to his friend, Amelia Breakheart. The smartest gal he had ever met. "So, Einstein, think we got a chance against these milk-drinkers?" He smirked, turning to her. She giggled, "Sure as hell do. Their ships are gonna take on hell of a beating, our boys in the lower caverns are gonna beat the crap out of anyone that has either the stones or the suicidal tendencies to try and set foot on the beach. Our airforce always has at least 30 of our birds in the sky. I'd say we're ready for whatever these oversized toddlers got to throw at us. Probably just some futuristic baby rattles though." Chris grinned, "You're both hearts and minds, Amelia. Hearts and minds."

A Fisshuhantā submarine approached Cpt. Armstrong's sub and sent a morse code message that said: "We'll spare you if you go back to your little port. We have messages already flooding the aircraft carrier of your presence, and maybe little Timmy will see his father come home." Leonidas and Nakamura were ready to destroy those Coastal defenses, starting with Nakamura. Nakamura loaded some red contrails into his plane, and got all 325 X-30'S ready for the Grand offensive.