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The Ambassadorial Province of Ur wrote:What is DrewDurnilpocalypse?

From what I can tell, Youtuber Drew Durnil (makes some good Civ and HoI4 content) made a video on NationStates. Then tens of thousands of his fans flooded the NS servers and crashed them. As of now, there's a lot more people than usual. That should taper off, as a lot of these people will likely stop joining as the novelty wears off after a week, but it was a defining event for the site. Apparently, there was a condemnation for his nation up, but it failed. I personally think it should have passed, not in a malicious sense, but in a joking matter.

Mowte wrote:...including Middle Barael, which led to our creation.

Oh. Well, welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay!