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Region: Lezra

"Hi everyone! Im Bennisia (Benn) and Im the Immigration Minister for the region Heart, a territory in a Union led by the region Force. What I've proposed to Santland is that you guys (who are slightly smaller and slightly less active) move to us (Heart) to boost Heart's population and activity and also give a hand to your region. You guys will get a Cabinet role and will have total control of Hearts RP, and we wont take away from your regional identity - you will be able to organise politically, religiously or however else you want to. I know that you do your RP on RMB, ours is primarily on Discord but its not very active; Wed love for that activity boost on the RMB from you guys. As a Former PM of Heart and current Immigration Minister I think this is all positive; A population boost for both of us, and a new alliance of two relatively small regions, working together for the betterment of each other. Please do consider this merge - wed love to have you

This statement is in conjunction with the new merger poll. Voting No is acceptable and you will not be judged.