by Max Barry

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Region: Lezra

Ferneus wrote:Hours had passed. It was now night time. Barek was resting while Vadesh kept rowing. The day had been uneventful for the most part. Not long before they entered the lake, Vadesh saw small ships downriver. Thinking they were the Santec traders they were looking for, he tried to flag them down. When they got closer however, Vadesh realized they were Korintheyan raiding parties. "Oh, bugger me..." He frantically tried to turn the boat around, only for it to crash and beach itself on the bank of the river. "Barek, get up! Its Vilkers!" Barek got up and ran off, but Vadesh's leg was pinned under the crashed boat, rendering him unable to move. The Korintheyan raiders tore up the boat searching for anything worth taking and took Vadesh hostage. He was taken to a raiding camp near the border in order to be ransomed off for his weight in gold and silver.

Vadesh had been held hostage for weeks now. Everyday his captors would come in to the tent they held him in and tortured him, thinking they could get valuable information for their next raid. Today was not one of those days. It was early in the morning. Vadesh was still sitting tied to a chair, blood running down his face and soaking his robes. He had heard his guards outside the tent talking. They seemed to be very relaxed, not expecting retaliation. Thats when he heard it. Hooves pounding the ground, metal clanking and feathers fluttering. Vadesh began to worry. He had heard of the increasing intensity and brutality of the raids. Sweat began to run down his face as every worry he could possibly have raced through his mind. Then he heard steel clashing and screams of pain. He noticed his guards were gone, presumably off fighting the attackers. He heard frantic yelling, but some of it was Fernusi. Then a Fernusi soldier, plated in steel and covered in blood, burst into the tent. "General, hes in here!" More soldiers rushed in, cutting Vadesh's binds and carrying him to safety at a Fernusi military outpost where his wounds will be treated. This daring rescue solidified the strengh of the new Fernusi army and made it clear that there will be no compromise with the raiders.