by Max Barry

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Region: Knowhere

New Front wrote:*The vampire shoots an arrow at you but your father blocks it with his forearm, He roars slamming the vampire into a nearby wall* Both of you run! *I grab your hand and we walk out to the village, more vampires in black armor are standing outside, I barely manage to block a blade as one attacks* Let me guess, you’re the real shadow and the other ones are decoys. *You hear chuckling from the armor* All the rumors about you are true. *I pull out my blade matching the other vampire blow for blow, you see two more heading my way*

*I decide to hold them off for you. I quickly shift so that I can fight them easier. I slam the first one in to the ground with a paw and bite their head. The second vampire tries to leap on my back and choke me but I fling her off, causing her to fly in to a nearby building*