by Max Barry

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Region: 1st Epitome United

Khazar Lechia wrote:Lawyer: "There is nothing you can give me... I am here to make sure you will get the best outcome in the judgement..."

Councilor: "How about I let you in on classified information if you leave for 15 minutes?"

This convinces her and they leave for 15 minutes, but per protocol a guard walks in, but she stays quiet and doesn't respond to anything...

Maria, tired of everything, ignores the guard and violently wraps her hands around Octavius' head to then kiss him. Octavius was not expecting that, but he doesn't oppose. After a while, Octavius gently separates Maria from his face with a serious face.
-I can't do this
-I know
-You are the first person to visit me here. What did you do to get to me?
Maria bites her lip. She stutters for a few seconds, but she ends up telling everything to Octavius. When she reaches the moment of the conversation in the bus stop, she hugs Octavius crying and saying "Sorry!". Octavius keeps a serious face during the whole story. When Maria is finished, he says
--So, my honor and my life are at stake. If I wanna keep my life I will have to humiliate myself before the Khan. If I wanna keep my honor, I will die.-- Octavius says this last words with a resignated tone, as if death wasn't that much of a deal. He looks at Maria with a mix of dissappointment, love and compassion-- Well let's not talk about this matter too much, I am tired of this dark feelings. Tell me Maria, how are my father and my sisters doing?
The conversation then takes a more lighthearted tone, with jokes and ironic comments about many different people. After a while, Octavius realises something
--Oh dear, time must be almost over. When you go out could you call a priest?
Maria freezes upon listening this proposition. Octavius kisses her in the cheek and Maria nods. Her face is serious now, her joyful eyes are now lkke two glass spheres. The beautiful Venus has become the vengeful Juno, sitting next to Octavius, waiting for the door to open to be taken away.