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Region: 1st Epitome United

Khazar Lechia wrote:Woman in Hijab: "They are no help... I propose good old blood oath..."

Man with a beard: "How about getting naked in front of each other and the witnesses and hugging? That is almost as much intimacy and since the only problem is the inability to... You know... Use two certain body parts... How about they don't use them but do all the rest? That's something people can't fake easily for monetary reasons..."

Dircya: "First of all," She faces the woman sporting a large hijab, "Please do not address us in such a manner. We are doing our best, and, to be quite frank, you are lucky that we are still making an effort to help your nation. Secondly," This time, Dircya turns to face the gentleman with a thick beard, "I suppose that would suffice, but it seems rather inhumane. However, if it is something we can agree on.... "