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Region: 1st Epitome United

Dorsla wrote:Dircya: "First of all," She faces the woman sporting a large hijab, "Please do not address us in such a manner. We are doing our best, and, to be quite frank, you are lucky that we are still making an effort to help your nation. Secondly," This time, Dircya turns to face the gentleman with a thick beard, "I suppose that would suffice, but it seems rather inhumane. However, if it is something we can agree on.... "

Older woman: "Excuse me... I have to point out that every time someone opens their mouth in the council they must speak in short and precise matter. I am not good at it and yes it can seem rude to most, but the purpose of it is to make it easy to understand to people in homes listening in to our meetings and watching them on video..."

Man next to her: "We also never asked you for any help, nor need your agreement to do anything..."