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Region: 1st Epitome United

Khazar Lechia wrote:Woman in Hijab: "We're sorry she was executed. We were blocked by the Khan when we wanted to pass a bill to make capital punishment on outsiders only in severe cases..."

Older man with grey beard: "Getting back to the act of love... How about we give councils more authority and let every province decide over other recognized acts of love? There aren't many settled people anyway and since they can't easily move to another province, that would allow local authorities to adjust it to local settled tribes and families..."

Dircya is so surprised by the woman's words that she cannot speak. Fortunately for Dircya, Lani is here for her.

Lani: "Thank you for the apology. We were not sad to see Brenda brought to justice, but we were quite devastated by the required punishment at her expense. As for the act of love, I don't see why we would need to give the councils more authority in this situation. The trial should take place if the couple in question are willing to 'perform', and it shouldn’t be any council's decision on whether or not the trial should happen. I believe they should only have a say in the verdict, along with the present jury."