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Dorsla wrote:Dircya is so surprised by the woman's words that she cannot speak. Fortunately for Dircya, Lani steps in to speak.

Lani: "Thank you for the apology. We were not sad to see Brenda brought to justice, but we were quite devastated by the required punishment at her expense. As for the act of love, I don't see why we would need to give the councils more authority in this situation. The trial should take place if the couple in question are willing to 'perform', and it shouldn’t be any council's decision on whether or not the trial should happen. I believe they should only have a say in the verdict, along with the present jury."

Woman in Hijab: "Giving more power to the enforcement, which includes the jiry is the reason we have so many death penalties... All the enforcement cares about is maintaining law and order, if the law doesn't describe something, they don't care... We must state in the law what is acceptable for this bill to be worth anything... Otherwise they will dismiss all marriage cases without sexual intercourse to maintain order within the law and to not deviate from it making marriage pointless even for people who don't need this bill as they would have to file papers to the enforcement to get married..."

Man in yarmulka: "Let religious authorities decide then... Just like we did with divorce... I bet the 3 people in this country who are atheist won't care much about it anyway..."