by Max Barry

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Region: The House at Pooh Corner

canine and ungulate and gilled-ones, alike, follow the horned piper through the wood. light seems to emanate from him, almost like an aura, for you can follow his glow as he prances ahead, just as well as you can follow his tracks in the snow. falling ice crystals shimmer in his bestial phosphorescence, and tiny rainbows dance in their wake. a clearing appears in the wood up ahead, a meadow bathed in moonlight from the breach in the canopy above. in the center of the glade, a cleft in the earth opens obliquely, deeper than the moonlight can reveal. and some clever creature has carved rough-hewn stairs that spiral downward into the darkness below.

"Come, new friends. It's just down this spiral staircase, it be. Down, down, and a little to the left. But definitely down."

*he plays a few notes on his pipes before beginning the descent*

"Come if you wish to follow. Follow if you wish to see. See if I care, either way..."