by Max Barry

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Region: The House at Pooh Corner


As you all know, early this year, Pooh Corner suffered a cataclysm, with the loss of its founder and many of its most active nations. Since then, there has been a noble attempt to recreate some of the magic associated with our region. Unfortunately, it is now clear that, like Humpty Dumpty, Pooh Corner cannot be put back together again. This is no one's fault. Our departed Queen was a rare, irreplaceable person, and the whole region was but a reflection of her glorious personality.

I have spent a number of years, probably at least five, here, and Pooh Corner has become like a home to me in that time. A place to laugh and clown, to share virtual meals, and to escape the cares of the world. But it is no more. It's been over 40 days since the last RMB message. So, with great sadness, I am leaving, hoping to find a new home elsewhere in NationStates. I wish all those who remain all my best, and pray that at some point the region may get its groove back. Whether or not that happens, I will remember you, and perhaps you may remember me.

My puppet Pigs Sheep and Wolves will be traveling with me. They have asked to say a few words of their own on this sorrowful occasion.