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First of all, I'm Zukchiva. TG me if you want confirmation.

So I'm just posting this here because... IDK. You four are really epic and shaped my RMB RP journey from its beginning to whatever it is at now. As for why I'm posting this, it's because I'm in a cheesy and grateful mood, and I've been sending these OWLs for the past two days as part of the Harry Potter event. OWLs being basically messages of thanks. However, it's a bit of effort and if I started trying to thank everyone I know on the RMB, I would never finish lmao. So I decided to stick to you six.

To any other RMBer reading this, I'm grateful for you! Don't assume I am not. But there's only so much effort I can put into these ;w;

Okay, without further ado, here we go.