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Shav, you're an amazing person and that's just a fact about it. I remember when you were a little godmodder, and you've grown up so much since then both as a person and as a roleplayer. Your roleplay posts now are amazing and, unlike me and many other older RPers, you've adopted to Angel's rules and continue to make a name for yourself in Valsora. You're always improving and always worldbuilding and what can I say besides that's so awesome???? You're one of the best RMB RPers ever, Shavara. And whether we were friends or enemies, I now respect you for the progressive roleplayer you are, always pushing the limits for whats possible and crafting your nation into something well defined. You show just how much worldbuilding can be achieved in RMB RP, despite RMB RP's focus on politics.

Shavara, you're also a sensitive and caring person, and that is amazing. The vast majority of the times I pop into the RMB, you're there greeting me. I really appreciate it, even if I don't respond most of the time. Your love and your friendship means a lot, my friend. Thank you for being here and for continuously giving us a chance to experience your excellence. <3