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Kampf Empire

Good ol' Kampf, terror of the RMB and a tired college student otherwise.

Kampf, the first thing I remember about you is trying to get banned from the NPO. Since then, you've proven to be ambitious and ultimately focused on the story, when many others were focusing on nabbing as many pixels as possible. I will admit that sometimes I took my IC dislike too far on you, but the fact is I have always seen you as a roleplayer with so much potential and growth. You have always played an excellent villain and regular nation otherwise. You are amazing, Kampf, and there is no doubt in my mind about that.

And how can I talk about you without talking about the random shennanigans you do? Destroying people's houses, crushing nations, being Santa Kampf- you continue to bring your unique brand of humor and will into the RMB, even though the RMB we both knew two years ago is all but gone. Yet you still try to spread your jokes and humor. Needless to say, your humor has probably rubbed off of mine, although you don't see it that much on the RMB.

I know college is tiring- you always post about it- but stick it out. I believe in you. You have the will and the way, you can do it! And than you, Kampf, for giving us so much attention and love despite how busy you are. I am grateful for you. If you ever need to vent about college, my TGs are always open (and I could use the advice as I follow in your path in a few years ;P).