by Max Barry

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Stellar Colonies

STELLAR! You truly are a... stellar person. (Don't kill me pl0x.)

Stellar, you're another amazing person I am forever grateful for. Why? Because without you, how could I even be here???? You are the one who made the cornerstone of TAMDEZ. You are the one who made it more than a shortly lived roleplay; you made it into something amazing and something alive. And that roleplay, Stellar, is what began my three years here on NS. Without that roleplay, IDK what could have happened. I could have quit. I could have gone to another region.

It is because of TAMDEZ, your creation Stellar, that I eventually got involved in TEP government. It is because of you that I was able to meet all of the people I have met, and have all the experiences I did beyond the RMB. You made the foundation of the roleplay that launched me into the stars. NS has helped me do so much and grow, and all that started because of you. You will always have my eternal gratitude for that, Stellar. TAMDEZ still, to this day, remains my favorite roleplay of all time.

And let's talk about you specifically. Your worldbuilding is amazing. Your writing is excellent. Your personality is calm and collected. What am I not to love about you? You are a builder, a wonder-maker, a man with great opinions. Stellar, you are a wonderful person and I am grateful for your existence. Thank you for being my friend.