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#Aivintismellz (i think I got that right)

Euri, I remember you when I was logging on in my earliest days of NationStates. I remember seeing you as one of the most powerful and funniest nations ever, what with your EoE and constant interactions with TAMDEZ. You were one of the reasons TAMDEZ is my #1 favorite roleplay of all time, because along with Trukya, you kept the roleplay light-hearted and funny. And while TAMDEZ eventually went away, you did not. Even though the community and roleplay you loved was gone, you still kept checking in on the RMB as the years went by. You were always here, watching newer roleplayers get their boots on and make their way into the world. Even when it wasn't enjoyable, you stuck around.

Euri, you are creative and amazing. Even if you insult me every time we meet, I still believe you are a special person to me. Restarting TACEZ is something I am proud of and you should be proud of it too. Admittedly, I am inactive in it, but nonetheless I appreciate all the work you've put in: discussing ideas, making your own posts, and generally just giving us hope in getting the roleplay off of the ground. Aivintis may be responsible for planning, but it was with your support and initiative that TACEZ took off the ground at all.

Euri. You are amazing. And I kiiinda have a feeling you may not take this to heart, so let me say it again: you. are. amazing. All of what I just said is from the depth of my heart. Maybe it's cringe, but I mean it 110%. Thank you for being my friend.