by Max Barry

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Region: West East North South Central Pacific



We've known each other for three years now. And there's a lot I have to say.

First, ever since I stole my map, you and I have been allies. No matter what happened, you were there to protect me and to guide my nation to a better future. And in return, you allowed me to protect you although you rarely needed my protection. You allowed my nation, Zukchiva, to hold some influence in the insane political landscape of back then. I have no doubt that you are one of the greatest IC allies I ever had, despite our nations' differences. I am not sure if I will find an ally like you in any RP I do, ever again.

And what about your writing? You create the best factbooks ever, Nova. Your factbooks are exquisite and are probably some of the best to ever come from an RMB RP nation. And your writing? AWESOME!! And it's only grown from there. Even posts you deem as short and dull surpass anything I could try to spit out. Nova, you are an awesome roleplayer. And I firmly believe that you fully deserve the OGO given to you by Libertanny. You are one of the best roleplayers in TEP, hands down. Don't ever doubt your writing ability, because your writing is amazing.

Last but not least, cartography. Nova, when I called together that council, you came running and investing yourself as much as possible. You put your back into the work, even though none of us knew if our map would even be accepted. And ultimately it wasn't and the Council was disbanded. But, Nova, you took a project that we failed at and made it into something beautiful. You single-handedly launched RMB RP into a new era. A lot of people know what Angel did, but I don't think many people truly appreciate how much you did for RMB RP. When Valsora, a project you revived just for fun, became the mainstream map, you didn't run away despite your waning interest in NS. Despite knowing how hard it was, you took on the role of cartographer and built a map worthy of even the best and highest quality RMB RP. And you still keep giving. Nova, Valsora is your legacy, and no matter what happens to TEP, you and your work will always be remembered.

Nova, you are an awesome friend, a great worldbuilder, a steadfast dude, and a hard worker. Thank you for being so awesome to me and to RMB RP. Thank you for being my friend. ;w;