by Max Barry

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Region: West East North South Central Pacific


First of all, apologies for accidentally trying to log into your nation. x.x I put "Pakitsk" instead of "Bonket" and whoops. :p

Anyways, Paki. We disagree on a ton of stuff. Resident rights, WA stuff, law, regionalism, we're pretty different people. But all that aside, I believe that you are an epic person. You are amazing, Paki. Why?

First off, RMB. For pretty much three years straight, you have been moderating the RMB to keep it clean, yet memey and fun. And while I do sometimes want to poke you in disagreement, I am still grateful for all the work you do here. You have shaped and trimmed this community and the RMB to make it clean, orderly, and fun. Yet, you still allow people to be wonky and hilarious. Not to mention, you were never some cold uninvolved moderator; you always took the effort to involve yourself in the RMB. Even when you used to not RP, I know I speak for many others and myself when I say I have always seen you as an RMBer.

Let's not forget how steadfast, principled, and spirited you are. You hold onto your principles with a grip stronger than steel, and are willing to do so much as resign from government to show your disagreement with things. I admire that strength- I probably wouldn't be able to do that. You are a courageous person whom everyone can rely on. Paki, you are also so damn dedicated to TEP's welfare. Even when you're taking a break and chilling, you keep TEP in your hearts. No matter your disagreements with everyone there, you care for the region. Whether it's as Minister or Arbiter or Vizier, your make your love for TEP known.

Thank you for being my friend, Paki. I am so glad I've gotten to know you throughout these years. <3