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Region: Spiritus

Old Zealand Founder wrote:Announcement:
In the spirit of Presidents, Spokespersons, and democracies who don't care about other nations enough to give foreign aid, but still want to look good in the international stage...

Old Zealand hereby DENOUNCES the following regions for their raid of Alnobia:
- Balder
- Caer Sidi
- Europeia (this one's also for raiding Boca Raton; I was having a terrible day and this made it worse)
- Kantrias
- Lily
- The Pacific (only known government and military members)
- Lone Wolves United
- Osiris
- Thaecia
- The Black Hawks
- The East Pacific (only known government and military members)
- The Land of Kings and Emperors
- The North Pacific (only known government and military members)
- The Owl Coven
- The West Pacific (only known government and military members)
- United Kingdom
- Warzone Asia
- Wintercrest

In addition, a new rule shall be added regarding Persona Non Grata regions (including the ones above). Nations wishing to move to Old Zealand from one of these regions must apply for a VISA by telegramming me about your purpose of travel. You will then only be permitted to move if you are granted the visa. In addition, you must consent on having your name be in a table in a pinned dispatch, so that any suspicious activity may be immediately reported.

I may considering repealing certain regions from this list, especially the feeder regions due to the large volume of people from there. However, for at least a week, the regions will remain up here unless an apology is given.