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Region: West Europeia

Edict of Rennes
or Edict against the influence of foreigners over our Nobility

Any domain and titles, part of France, who may fall to the foreigners will be seized by the French Crown
Any domain and titles owned by French can be seized by the King if the said title may fall to foreign hand, if the stability of the Kingdom, because of the said title, is put in danger, if there is not clear succession to this title (and it can lead to a succession conflict) or if the title's owner is a threat to France, its regime, its monarch or its stability, the purpose is to avoid an another "André" (who has almost launched a civil war in 2037)
the Edict may be modified

By the way, André was still not found after his disappearence. André's son (Edouard) still lead the Andreist troops in the costa rican jungle, reports say that his camp was attacked and Edouard may have beed injured and lost an arm