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Region: West Europeia

National Percussion Tournament
If you can hit it shake it or scrape it bring it!

A big percussion tournament will be held in Kathmandu (picked for to its central location), the winner will receive a medal awarded to them by The Minister Of The Arts and a large cash prize. There isn’t any limit to what you play and how you play it, as it says in the description “If You Can Hit It, Shake It, Or Scrape It, Bring It!”. Anyone over the age of 18 May fill out a form to apply online, if accepted they will have to pay for their own travel to Kathmandu and pay for their own hotel. The tournament is expected to take over a week. The first round everyone will play, after everyone plays the judges will decide the top 50% and they will move on, after that the top 50% of the second round move on etc.. Right now the tournament is only open to citizens of Greater Tibet though if it is a success (and generates money) it may become an international event.

I play the drums irl and figured this would be a fun way to tie that into my country :)