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Region: West Europeia

Novamexia 3 wrote:Economic Changes Under Right-Wing Leadership

New regulations to combat the ongoing economical depression will be put into effect immediately when this report is announced.

1. A 200 day halt on money printing

2. The abolition of Sales Tax on Essential Items, Abolition of Income Tax, as well as tax breaks for Small Businesses and Corporations alike. "Luxury" items such as cars, alcohol, nicotine products, fancy clothing over 200 Mexies per an article of clothing, etc. will be taxed at 10 cents for every dollar spent. (Ex. Spend $10.00= $1.00 in taxes).

3. Indefinite suspension on all sale of lottery tickets within the nation.

4. 4,000 mexi Stimulus Check written to all citizens who make under 75,000 annually.

5. Tax write offs to all Companies who hire new employees from now until the end of this calendar year.

6. The 7 billion dollar military bill will still be implemented as it creates industry for those of whom are out of work or currently employed via the bill before the economic crash.

7. A new Infrastructure bill named Highway Cares Act will employ citizens to go and repave roads and fix roads that have fell into disrepair over the last few decades.

8. A new Economic alliance bill has been proposed to the governments of Belorus federation, Duholm, and Clun Forest Sheep. This bill will create free trading among our nations and allow for easier and less expensive access to necessary resources that are unavailable in the areas that your nation presides in. This bill will go into effect as each nation signs it into action. For any questions regarding this deal please get in contact with me so I may answer them or disclose them with you to make this deal beneficial to each of us.

- Signed Georgy Ignatyev of Novamexia

we gladly accept to take part to the alliance