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Region: West Europeia

Salxeburg wrote:Dude you can join anytime my man, just have a good sense of creativity and be ready to write longer posts than usual.
Just read a few Factbooks from people like Algamonzimt (like all of our lore comes from him) Emastalia is one of the best writers I've ever seen, he puts insane details into the lore of his nation, as well as Aragron and other people like me Salxeburg for history about individual nations.

I think we added the population requirement because he who must not be named tried to just keep hammering puppets through.

But yeah, I personally don’t think we should have one. If he acts like a jerk, then we kick him, and if he doesn’t, then we’re all good.

But yeah, Aragren, Emastalia, Salx, NPE, Lorscinia, Nova, Zimt, and some others have a bunch of stuff you can read to kinda get a feel of the world here.

Salxeburg and Bad boy