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Region: Kantrias

I Reborn Empire of Ulm I Witterheim I
Witterheim- the largest port in Reborn Empire of Ulm and the only one which can accomodate entirety of Imperial Navy. It's massive docks are home to Ulm's Home Defense Fleet. More than 70% of vessels serving in the Reborn Empire of Ulm's Navy were produced in it's shipyards including Emperor's personal flagship ,,Gram''. It is also the busiest city in the Empire in times of war. Majority of warships assembled here are ready for war. Fleets of Mittenmeyer, Schurz and Raushenberg are the first to depart. Each of them was given important tasks and course of the campaign may rest on their shoulders. Emperor decided to use Mittenmeyer's exceptional skills in employment of lightning-fast tactics to send him ahead and secure Aquilonnia while Schurz and Reushenberg were entrusted with setting up blockades around Zoygarian colonies. Their success is essential for securing supply route and rally point for the main fleet. With the Emperor's blessing they set out towards the enemy territority.

I North Aquilonnia I Somewhere near the border between the North and the South I
Lush forests of Aquilonnia are teeming with life however this time it is not the wildlife but Ulm's shock troops from local garrison and Aquilon militia that are making their way through them. Their orders are clear: capture the South and turn Aquillonia into Ulm's naval base for the duration of the campaign. They are closing in on the border ready for combat. It is only a matter of time before the battle begins.