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Region: Kantrias

Baaack I was delayed bc I was busy

Akaramo wrote:Noticing; The late response given by Akaramo, and focusing that it always can go back up, even if small damages was made by the military of one of the teams in variable locations, their damage must be paid by Akaramo.

Requesting; a Peacefully request to ULM take their troops back, and that the damages by Paradis caused by SPICEEEEEEE be paid by spice themselves and Akaramo.

Denying: That any of ours have killed someone, no entity was killed by any reason, at least not that I know.

Ending the first war in months just as I was starting to have fun? Akaramo you are the cruelest ;_;

Zoygaria wrote:Telegram from the Frostfall Pallace, Vostok, directed to the office of Emperor Siegfried Von Drachenritter

Esteemed Emperor Drachenritter,

It has come to my attention that a group of your armed forces is nearing the Zoygarian border of Aquilonnia, prepared for war. As I am certain you are well aware that the crossing into Okada will result in the shattering of peaceful relations between our two nations, I shall not waste your time, and adress the matter at hand that I have come to contact you about.

To the Empire of Ulm we offer from Akaramo and Zoygaria payment for the damages sustained in Paradis by the recent terrorist attack. In addition to compensation for the damages caused, Zoygaria and Akaramo offer our services to aid in the rebuilding of Paradis. Should you refuse this offer and continue on your plan of attack, I offer you the full strength of the Zoygarian and Akaramoan military to decimate your armed forces. This is my offer to you, and there will be no negotiation.

His Royal Majesty, King Arristok Zobeski III of Zoygaria

Response from flagship of the 7th fleet ,,Gram''

Dear King Arristok

I am perfectly aware of what crossing into Okada means. You should not trouble yourself with our forces- they are always prepared for war. As for why they are currently moving through the forests nearing the border the answer is simple- they are taking leisourly walks. After all warriors who risk their lives for the Empire every day cannot be denied small pleasures such as this. I am grateful for your offer but I must respectfully decline because I do not trust anyone other than my subjects with this task. Your second offer sounds tempting. We are ready whenever you are.

Emperor Siegfried von Drachenritter of Reborn Empire of Ulm

Too-Technical Japan wrote:

Bruderschaft Des Deutsche Volkes- 2339

The Seraph Foundation-2535

Too-Technical Japan-2157

2nd new roma-2007

East greenwood-2007


Southern Sulter-2153

United roman frount-2021



Reborn Empire of Ulm-3005

North greenwood-2007

This will be added to as I learn the years each nation.

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We're just all in the future because why not

Reality can be whatever I want!