by Max Barry

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Region: Kantrias

I Aquilonnia I Vicnity of border I
As the final minutes of silence were coming to an end, Colonel Lars Nowitzki gazed at the peaceful scenery of Aquilonnia. Without doubt it was one of the most beautiful places in the Empire. He hoped to bring his family there someday, but this wish would never come true. They died during terrorist attack on Paradis and he would never see them again. If he was not assigned to Aquilonnian garrison beforehand he would have shared their fate. When he and his troops were informed about the attack they were utterly devastated. They weren't able to say final goodbyes or even attend funerals of their loved ones. What came after sorrow was burning rage which gathered inside them until now when they were finally going to let it loose. They were going to unleash a storm on par with one that was currently heading towards Aquilonnia.
,,Sir, it is time.''
,,You are right. Commence the operation!'' as he gave this order, hell was unleashed. In an instant sounds of wildlife were replaced by deafening gunfire and battlecries, which were soon joined by the sound of howtizers and mortars. Shocktroops and Aquilon militia charged towards the border firing their weapons while running. They were back on the battlefield.

I Reborn Empire of Ulm I Witterheim I Flagship of the 1st fleet ,,Rache'' I
As usual his instincts did not fail him. High Admiral Schillinger arrived in the command bridge just when the message from Aquilonnia arrived.
,,High Admiral! Assalut on the Zoygarian strongholds in the Aquilonnia has begun!''
,,I see. What about Reushenberg, Schurz and Mittermeyer?''
,,Reushenberg and Schurz are both making steady progress towards Zoygarian colonies and they should reach them soon. Mittermeyer is outdoing himself and his fleet is expected to leave territorial waters of Sulter today. It seems that he does not plan on waiting out the storm.''
,,As expected of Mittermeyer. Knowing him he is either going to try to outrun the storm or sail right through it. Contact the other admirals and tell them to prepare for departure. I will inform His Majesty personally.''
,,Yes Sir!''