by Max Barry

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Region: Kantrias

Vostok, Khovostov Oblast, Zoygaria

A light snow blanketed the mountain city of Vostok. People mingled on the streets, children played in the snow, and vendors set up shop in the marketplace. A beautiful and peaceful scene. Such a stark contrast to the state of Zoygaria's newest territory. Within the Frostfall Palace, King Zobieski sat pensively on his throne, thinking of the threat of war. Had he made the right decision in moving to Code G? To delivering an ultimatum? Or should he have been tougher? Firmer? These thoughts were interrupted by a rapid knock at the door to the throne room. The Royal Guard opened the door, and in walked Saijto Solski, Prime Minister of Zoygaria. The normally calm and levelheaded official wore a look of despair, phone in hand. He bowed to King Zobieski, taking a knee.
"My liege... word from Okada. We are under attack."
The King's face grew grim. He gave a solemn nod in reply, as if anticipating this exact situation.
"Raise the flag. Code Efé*."
The entire palace was abuzz with officials and high command personnel. Outside the palace where the flags of the Commonwealth and Vostok flew, the war flag was raised on the normally vacant pole beside the Zoygarian flag. Zoygaria was now at war.

*Code Efé— Efé is the Zoygarian letter [F], and in this instance, stands for Fuerza, the Zoygarian word for force. Code F is essentially the equivalent to Code Red: war.

From the Zoygarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On this day, our nation has been wounded. We face an attack by foreign hand, the hand of a nation we once sought to mend our relations with. Following unsanctioned attacks on Zoygaria's territory of Okada by the Reborn Empire of Ulm, the The Imperial Commonwealth of Zoygaria hereby declares war on Ulm.

Signed by his Royal Majesty, King Arristok Zobieski III of Zoygaria

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