by Max Barry

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Region: Kantrias

I Aquilonnia I Battlefield I

,,Push on men, push on! Make your Emperor proud!''Commisar Viktor Mayer led his men in reckless fashion typical for him and it was up to soldiers like Hans to keep him alive. Suprisingly enough bullets missed this man even though he always led the charge. Hans gave this some thought and reached conclusion that it was either divine intervention or Zoygarians did not take a man running towards their trench with only a pistol and a sabre seriously. Unfortunetly divine protection must have started to run out because if Hans did not pull the commisar down the hole made by the artillery, it would have been over for him, Gods bless the cannoneer and his bad aim. He was soon joined by the other members of his squad diving headfirst into the hole to avoid the enemy fire.
,,Do you think they would surrender if we asked them nicely?''
,,Why don't you give it a try Otto, they are right here.''
,,No thanks, I will pass.''
,,Less talking, more shooting!''
,,Speak for yourself, Kurt.''
,,Pass me the missile launcher. If artillery cannot silence this bunker, then I will.''
,,With your aim? I do not believe in miracles!''
,,Oh, shut up.''
At this point commisar was visibly annoyed by being ignored by his troops. It looked like he was about to give an inspiring speech, but after being rudely interrupted by a nearby explosion, he seemingly gave up on the idea and focused on laying covering fire. He did not hit enemy even once, but Hans appreciated it. Sadly this did not last long as they were noticed by Zoygarians and forced to duck for cover. Then, artillery finally started to be useful and scored a few direct hits on the bunker.
,,Godess of Victory is smiling upon us!''
,,Why don't she come down there and help us instead?''
Reply was silenced by the sound of gunfire.

I Aquilonnia I Temporary Command Centre in the forest I
,,News from the battlefield Colonel.''
,,Go on, how does the militia do?''
,,They are a little confused, but they've got the spirit. With our assistance, they are making steady progress.''
,,I guess it's time for the second phase of our attack plan. Contact Careia.''

I Aquilonnia I Careia I
Careia's port was empty except for fishing boats and four officers playing cards with Aquilon militia. They've been playing for a while now and they were about to finish, but before they could do that messenger arrived from the city hall. One quick glance at him gave them all the information they needed.
,,We're up men, time to do our part for the Empire. All aboard the boats!''
,,Who came up with this plan, it's stupid.''
,,It's not stupid, if it works. You can fire a complaint later.''
,,You bet.''
Within minutes engines of the fishing boats came to life and departed for Okada. Although storm did not reach Aquilonnia yet, weather was turning worse rapidly. They needed to hurry.

I Atticus Sea I Flagship of the 2nd Fleet ,,Lobo'' I
,,I considered to going on a vacation to Aquilonnia, but if that's the usual weather, then I will pass.''
Storm that was raging outside would make almost every captain think twice before sailing through it. But then, Erwin Mittermeyer was not your avarange captain. He was admiral of the navy, one chosen by the Emperor himself. He had high faith in his abilities and those who were serving under his command in the second fleet.
,,I doubt if we are going to get leave anytime soon admiral.''
,,I know. How's the rest of the fleet?''
,,Minor damage aside, they are doing fine. If we keep up this speed we should reach Aquilonnia today.''
,,What about the main fleet and blockade?''
,,Main fleet left Witterheim recently and they are progressing very slowly. Schurz and Reushenberg are already in vicnity of Zoygarian Colonies and they have begun setting up the blockade.''
,,Any news from Aquilonnia?''
,,Fighting continues, we did not receive any updates yet.''
,,Well, that's fine. I do not think there will be any problems unless Zoygarians barricade themselves in the urban area. If they did that, things could get messy. Let's hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.''

Official Statement of Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding Kamilistani peacekeeping mission

Kamilistani peacekeeping mission is denied entry to the mainland of the Empire. They are allowed to supervise conflict in Aquilonnia while being accompanied by political officers, however attempts to enter any other part of the Empire during wartime will be met with force.