by Max Barry

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Region: Kantrias

I Aquilonnia I Battlefield I

,,Hold soldiers, hold! I claim this hole for the Empire! I will not let enemy have it, no matter the cost!'' Comissar Viktor Mayer was in his element. Although they were taking out Zoygarians one after another, it was only a matter of time before Zoygarian charge would reach their position and Hans was very well aware of that. Grimly he prepared a grenade, determined to deny Zoygarians foothold even if it meant blowing himself up. Then he felt a tap on his shoulder. It was Otto.
,,Hans, turn around. The forest...''

,,Oh, now they've done it... I'll give it to those cheese lovers, they've got guts.''
,,Hmph. I thought that this battlefield was not worth our time. I'm glad to be proved wrong.''
By leaving relative safety of trenches Zoygarians gave proud warriors of Ulm challange which they would never decline. They've fought on many battlefields and they knew when they saw a worthy opponet. Rare as such encounters were, response was always the same. They faced them head on, and swiftly sent them to Valhalla.
,,My name is Lars Nowitzki! I ask you men gathered here. WHO ARE YOU?''
,,We are warriors of the Empire.''
Zoygarians must have not believed their eyes. Abandoning their positions Ulm's shocktroops charged as one showing no hesitation in face of the enemy. Within seconds seemingly endless sea of matte block armour started to flow out of the forest. Unwavering despite the enemy fire, they ran.

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