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Region: The Thaecian Senate

Dykataar wrote:Thank you for your answer.

A follow up question:

How do you plan to 'fix the Court'? Please be as detailed as possible.

By taking care of the problems that have not been solved. The Constitution mentions Deputy Justices, especially during the impeachment of a Justice, yet we do not have one. I do understand the issues we are having in Thaecia with filling positions, but I want to make sure that the Court is transparent about that. If I am on the Court, yet we still do not have a Deputy Justice, I would want the Court to say why rather than stay silent. There is no harm about being more open about what the Court has planned or is trying to do. Many times I have seen Thaecians confused as to what the Court is doing. Since no Justice responds to their confusion, that leads to constant questions in the Thaecia political Discord channel. In shorter words, I want the Court to be more transparent and I want us to at least be more open about plans for future Deputy Justices.

I also mentioned fixing the procedures, although I already touched upon it I will mention it again just to answer your question completely. Just to sort of rephrase my point in that area, I want to help my fellow Justices fix the procedures.

Dykataar wrote:This is a question from $tonks (my apologies, I'm unaware of his NS name)

"What, if anything, do you plan on doing about the issue of other justices being inactive?"

Well, I don't have power over what other people do or whether they are active. However, I can promise that I will be active. If we do have another incredibly bad case of inactivity, it would definitely be up to Congress to decide whether or not that warrants potential impeachment. But as a Justice, I will constantly check in with the other Justices in order to make sure that we are getting done with whatever needs to be accomplished.