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Region: The Thaecian Senate

Ashlawn wrote:Snowflame do you believe that lower courts should be established? If so, why?

Well, that is an issue that is completely up to Congress and the Constitution does give Congress the power to do that under Article 3, Section 3. I do appreciate the question, but as a Justice my job is mainly to interpret laws and the Constitution. Giving my opinion on lower courts would be me attempting to influence legislation from the bench, something I do not want to do nor do I want that to be seen as the purpose of a Justice.

Dykataar wrote:Thank you for your detailed answer Snowflame, I really appreciate it. I have one last question for you at this time:

What are your thoughts on the following: (a) decrease the amount of people selected into the Judiciary Branch and (b) limiting the term of members in the Judicial Branch

These are also questions that would involve me giving my opinion on potential legislation and executive decisions and I do not want to influence that. If Congress ever decides that Justices should no longer serve life terms, then they would need to pass a Constitutional Amendment changing Article 3, Section 1, Sub-section 5.

I hope you all understand why I am not willing to give my opinion and the reasoning is to maintain the nonbiased nature of the Court.

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