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Region: The Thaecian Senate

Cerdenia wrote:Snowflame

While I'm certain of the experience of the nominee as a politician, and also of his activity, I wonder based on previous conversations if he has the necessary experience in the legal area.

Nominee, could you please detail what your experience with regional law is, and why you believe you have the necessary legal experience to be a Justice?

That is a very fair question and definitely something that should be touched upon.

Throughout my time in Thaecia since I joined back in 2019, I have been elected as a MP more times than I can count and I have been a senator. During that very extensive amount of time, I have debated and interpreted laws whether that be in the chambers of Congress or through DMs. Despite these positions being "political", they still involve interpretation as that is what creates the framework for new bill ideas, amendment ideas, or Constitutional Amendment ideas.

Even recently, many MPs have come to me with potential bill ideas only for me to point out that certain parts were unconstitutional and I quoted direct parts of the Constitution to support that. When Marv was a Justice, I even asked him to verify my interpretations.

As there are not many "legal" positions in Thaecia (if I am getting correct how you used the word legal), aside from the High Court and certain ministries, it's best to also take into account that the political positions I have been in have required me to interpret many different aspects with laws and to know the Constitution.