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Region: The Thaecian Senate

Hulldom wrote:I would ask, as my only question, this: You have expressed your desire, Snowflame, to create an "Active Court"; how would you foster activity on the Court without overstepping, either by perception or otherwise, the Court's authority?

As I explained to Senator Dykataar, I cannot control what the other Justices do, however I can 100% control what I do. If confirmed, I want to talk to Justices Lemon and Rayekka and I want to discuss some ideas that I have that I feel would lead to a more transparent and active Court. And when I say I want to do these things, let me clarify one thing, I'm not going to "solo" these ideas or overstep what the Court says. Whether these ideas develop, and I hope they do, depends on the current Justices. This would be a team effort and I'm sure it'll be seen as such.

And if the Court rejects my ideas, then I'm not going to overstep or ignore what they want. But if the Court ends up going through what happened recently, I can guarantee that I will be active.