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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

COMISEQ - February 25, 2021

Noticing the presence of the new pro-COMISEQ peace movement led by Josiah Dezerat, COMISEQ has decided to reach out to the movement and its leader. COMISEQ proposes a meeting between representatives of the group and COMISEQ officers to discuss the group's aims and methods on how to establish a lasting peace in Sequoyah as well as a society undivided by racial issues.

COMISEQ has also issued a statement proclaiming its intention to disarm all paramilitary groups, stating that the mission intends for the move to "prevent further violence". This new initiative is believed to be targeting both the ADI and Odyssian Clan groups. COMISEQ has also expressed its intention to deploy peacekeeping forces to New Austin to discourage violence associated with the Caprican conflict.

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