by Max Barry

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Region: The Thaecian Senate

A good Amendment I am honestly surprised to find had not yet been included. I would like to add a simple Amendment though, being the following:

1.2 A ballot being made public shall be defined as the following: "disclosure of any ballot information in such a manner that could provide indication to the identity of an individual voter to any individual who is not presently serving as Electoral Commissioner, an Assistant Electoral Commissioner, or a Thaecian High Court Justice, unrelated to their positions as part of the confirmation of the electoral process";

Would this part not be included, it leaves room for such information to be shared or revealed to a person with these roles while the sharing of the information is not necessary. For example, the EC might tell a Justice all about the way one person voted to such an extent it can no longer be considered as a part of the electoral process, or even revealing such information outside an election period of any kind. Hopefully my wording makes sense, I don't know a better way to phrase it, but my point, I believe, is clear.