by Max Barry

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Region: SolarFlare

Rivendellfolk wrote:Ah, doesn't matter, you seem stressed, so mixed feelings are a norm, jeez, nordie, when our valley got flooded went NUTS
What do you need me for anyways?
*he says with a calming voice*
For therapy?
Because, oh girl, am i not a therapist, rather here Bella is.
*he points onto the dog*
*Bella jumps onto President LunarCrystal and starts licking her*

"Oh my!" she shouts, astonished by the sudden action of the dog. But after a couple seconds, she leans into the affection, and appears pleased.

In a high pitched whiney voice, she starts talking to the dog: "Oh, you're such a good girl aren't you? Yes you are! Yes you are!"