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Region: The West Coast

Here is a list of the embassies that The West Coast had before refounding. I'm not sure I want to reestablish any of these. I'm not morally opposed to it, I just don't see much of a point. But if future regional cabinet officials want to reestablish these, by all means do so. Or not, either way, I don't care. But here's the list, just so there's a record:

Raxulan Empire, Codex Ylvus, Gypsy Lands, The Bar on the corner of every region, Fredonia, Bus Stop, Ancient Lands, Imperium Figarium, Confederacy of Allied States, The Atlantic, Knights of the Round Table, The Empire of Common Territories, Indonesia, Society of Commissioned Gentlemen, Northern Africa, United States of America, 404 Not Found, Democratic Republic of the Congo, The Great Universe, Central African Republic, Rogue CONclave, Pacific Union, The Others, Monaco, Seattle, The Persian Empire, New Mexico, Belfast, Traveling Wilburys, 1st Epitome United