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Region: The Atheist Empire

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[B]Welcome to [region]The Atheist Empire[/region]![/B]


This region is the new and improved version of [region]Atheist Empire[/region] - please endorse [nation]Beazlend[/nation]!


[B]Creator Deity:[/B] [nation]Pasta Pharia[/nation]
[B]Prophet of the Lord:[/B] [nation]Beazlend[/nation]

April Fool dispensers to be installed shortly

[color=purple][b]SONG OF THE WEEK[url=]Square Hammer[/url][/color]

[color=red]Regional Anthem[/color]

[color=blue]Discord server Link[/color] [url=]The Atheist Empire[/url]. This server is for [b]region members only[/b]; when you join please state what the name of your nation is in the region(if you already have a discord account) or have a username that is the same as your nation's name. 

All song nominations go to either [nation]Beazlend[/nation] or [nation]The Nergal Empire[/nation]

[url=]Regional Map[/url]; New members must reside in the region for a month before claiming a spot on the map

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