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Region: Skyreach

Kromkarie wrote:A New Regime for a New Dawn

With a new era on the horizon, a clear path of victory for the Revolution and march towards the end of the monarchy. The UWR has announced it to be the legitimate Government of Kromkarie instating the new name of The People's Republic of Kromkarie. With this new legitimacy claim, the People's Republic of Kromkarie as begun the operation of forming a Governmental System to secure control of the Revolution and lead an organised end to the Civil war. This new Worker state shall reign till the end of time, being beacon of hope and freedom for the common men and women of Skyreach.

"Today is the day of a new order, an order under the control of its people, an order that bends to the demands of its people instead of its people bending to it. Today we proclaim our freedom from the tyrannical shackles of Monarchies and Private industry. We let go of such beliefs of race and class, we throw away the bindings of hate and greed and enter a new age of prosperity, one that will shine across all borders raising hope in areas with none. As long as we stand as the home of the revolution, people whether they be from the west or east will look to us for guidance in their time for revolution. For we are the spark in a dark world. Let us join for celebration of this new beginning. An age of Revolution! Glory to the ones who look forward!" Vincent Hick declared to the masses of Kromkarie from his stage.

Life in Anercia

With their timely escape via battleship, Archer Johnson and his retinue of refugees and soldiers were given amnesty and refuge in Anercia. They were given homes in the western portion of Valesord, renovated townhouses on Dawing Street as complementary housing. Archer and some of the officers were also given a government stipend and his soldiers standard unemployment benefits as they were made legal citizens of Anercia. Ashton made visits to Archer’s new home, spending time with him for coffee or tea to discuss matters of state. “So, Archer, what will you do now i wonder?” Ashton said, sipping his coffee.