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Region: Skyreach

Jesruriz wrote: Life in Anercia

With their timely escape via battleship, Archer Johnson and his retinue of refugees and soldiers were given amnesty and refuge in Anercia. They were given homes in the western portion of Valesord, renovated townhouses on Dawing Street as complementary housing. Archer and some of the officers were also given a government stipend and his soldiers standard unemployment benefits as they were made legal citizens of Anercia. Ashton made visits to Archer’s new home, spending time with him for coffee or tea to discuss matters of state. “So, Archer, what will you do now i wonder?” Ashton said, sipping his coffee.

Archer stared at the coffee in disgust while in deep though unsure of what to do. This was beyond how he was trained. That short session of being lectured about basic deal making could only get him so far. "I'm screwed, I need more time. Maybe Arnercia has some books on politics, but if only I could read Arnercian." he thought to himself. Archer looked at Ashton and said, "I will need time to consolidate myself before reengaging in political matter. I lack any funding. However I will need to establish a political presence with me and my fellow Com... officials representing the last of the Kromkarie Republic. We would like to seek help from the Internationale in setting up a Government in Exile."

Again thinking to himself, "I need to establish a presence in a system I know nothing about, I must convene with the rest of my party before taking any further action."