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Region: Skyreach

Norvath wrote:Assembled in the centre of the room was a sort-of war map. It showed the entirety of the continents of skyreach, painted in vivid colours. "I've heard little detail of the trouble that occurred in Kromkarie. I was briefly informed by a scout of something called... The Internationale?"

Albin shrugged. "I don't know much about them. Seems they are an alliance of western powers."

Duke Tritten spoke up. "They're an alliance of a number of nations, both East and West, with the goal of apparently ending 'the unfair rule of the elite' as they call it. Meaning, of course, that they oppose us and our way of life. Any monarchy will probably be under threat by this alliance."

He shrugged.
"As for the trouble in Kromkarie, it's no less than full-scale civil war. There is-or was- four different factions in play, and the Internationale is supporting the sides that seem most opposed to monarchism. Judging from what I've heard, it's most likely the worker's faction that will win this one, but it's slim."