by Max Barry

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Region: Skyreach

Factory Strikes Hit the Nation!

Lenshaven Times

Currently Anercia is undergoing a series of mass strikes and walkouts no doubt organized by the Trade Unions Association, a united council representing most of the country’s manufacturing and trade unions. Last week, after the death of factory workers in Tarvost and union organizers, their pleas for action to the government went unnoticed, sparking this wave of strikes. There are some reports that the ADP has organized them but those are unsubstantiated rumors as of now. However Rastal Gorvich has been reported to be seen in those strikes, handing out food and water to the strikers. Recent reports from the Ministry of Finance, nearly 65% of Anercian manufacturing has gone down, and the minister has refused to comment on the situation and tells the people to calmly wait for the President’s decision.

The UAP, mainly the conservative wing, condemned these protests as “Unanercian, and Vincentist.” Winster Magnus has even called for the president to declare a national emergency. Hans Ricter of the Liberal Wing instead called for reconciliation with the trade unions and has made pleas to the organizers to stop protesting. On the ground, there has been light fighting between police and strikers in most cities. However, The Internal Bureau of National Security Divisions were deployed only last night as intense street to street fighting engulfed the streets of Tarvost and Irongate. The nation’s most productive manufacturing cities with the strongest union presence. The Minister of the Interior claimed that, “The situation is under control, a few rioters and arsonists can’t best the nation’s finest.”

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