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1.The Great Empire of Kandorith351
2.The Tax Free Land of Zintai351
3.The Principality of Trotterdam351
4.The Magnificent Desolation of Luna Amore351
5.The Burning Trash Fire of Lord Dominator351
6.The Kingdom of Milostein351
7.The People's Republic of Democratic Peeps Republic of Korea hrM351
8.The Republic of Noldoria351
9.The Dominion of Democratic Peeps Republic of Korea351
10.The Empire of Carkosa351
11.The Kingdom of Rwizikuru of Luziyca351
12.The State of Minoa351
13.The Mind of Charlotte Ryberg351
14.The Secret Lab of Joana351
15.The Community of East Minoa351
16.The Interstellar Empire of Drawkland351
17.The 9th of August Revolution of Honeydewistania351
18.The DeLeontologist of Ratateague350
19.The Protectorate of Anexora343
20.The Technocracy of Partax343
21.The ~~TYPE~~ of A Badly Conceived Designation325
22.The Sleeping Giant Inn of Witchcraft and Sorcery323
23.The Republic of Geramundo317
24.The Republic of Durglyland317
25.The Draconic Empire of Graag Brom317
26.The Sarcasm Tag of Canaltia317
27.The Community of Lyck315
28.The Centralized Union of Novoroyssia301
29.The Grand Diarchy of Harmonic Empire244
30.The Most Divine Pharaonic State of Gandoor186
31.The Flying blob 🐳 of Narwhal166
32.The Divine Federation of Sanctaria140
33.The Whatevers of DiRito-Opolis138
34.The Supreme Commander of Lily of Sweeze135
35.The Federated Kingdom of Emerstari130
36.The Kingdom of Chuliu Emperor111
37.The Commonwealth Kingdom of United Earthlings105
38.The Free Secular Federation of Nation of Quebec90
39.The Heavenly Meritocratic Empire of Sentakeo81
40.The Emoticons of Smiley Bob68
41.The County of Zadar B66
42.The Confusingly Arousing Pack of Furry Things66
43.The Autonomous Nation of Empy65
44.The Illusory Spectre of Arrivederci60
45.The Second Best of Noahs Second Country60
46.The Unified Democratic States of Inven59
47.The Nine in the Afternoon of Miss Bad Life Choices58
48.The Prinzessin der Ozelote of Xoriet58
49.The Holy Santa EndorseLIBERTANNY of Evrigenis56
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