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WA Delegate: The United Federation of Borneon Nations (elected )

Founder: The Fiefdom of Marked56

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Most Nations: 349th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 906th
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Welcome!|Chào mừng bạn!|Mabuhay!|Selamat datang!|ยินดีต้อนรับ!|ကြိုဆိုပါတယ်!|ស្វាគមន៍!

A region whereas new, refounded or active nations - everyone are welcome here! For more info, read the published information below. Do endorse our current WA Delegate, Borneon Nations!


None yet.


1. Director of Cartography - if you an active member and know how to make maps, do not hesitate to telegram the President.
2. The Speaker of ASEAN REGION - head of legislature maker, elected by cabinet members.

Embassies: India, Right to Life, United Africa, Turkic Union, New World Union, Shanixian Federal Control, Asylum, Nationalist Commonwealth of Free Regions, The Republic Nations, Global Assembly, Elvarya, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, The Socialist States of the Philippines, The Parliamentary Union of Nations, Sunalaya, Independent Order, and 28 others.United Nations of Earthlings, The Western Isles, Lardyland, Cyberius Confederation, Groland, The NewsStand, Non Aligned Movement, The Great Universe, The Doctor Who Universe, African Union, United Regions, Democratic Alliance, North American Union, Global Alliance, Hollow Point, Tanah Melayu, The Reborn Foundation, New Terran Blood, Commonwealth of Liberty, Chettinadu, Novapax, Manasawala, Viraneroa, The Union of Imperials, Norden, Singapore, THE NORTH Heart, and Europae.

Tags: Capitalist, Casual, Democratic, Eco-Friendly, Free Trade, LGBT, Medium, Neutral, Regional Government, Role Player, and World Assembly.

ASEAN REGION contains 43 nations, the 349th most in the world.

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The Most Advanced Defense Forces in ASEAN REGION

Nations ranked highly spend the most on national defense, and are most secure against foreign aggression.

As a region, ASEAN REGION is ranked 5,903rd in the world for Most Advanced Defense Forces.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Burgeoning Empire of RubidumCapitalist Paradise Corporate Slave State“Einem Mops Eine Banane Ein Reich”
2.The Empire of Federation of SarawakIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“Untuk Ricardo Milos”
3.The Fiefdom of Marked56Corporate Police State Halliburton“Puppet - Message my main Rubidum instead”
4.The Philippine Empire of New Order PhilippinesInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Philippine Rules!”
5.The Federal Republic of RiceiaMoralistic Democracy Narrow-Minded Backwoodsy Bigots“I trapped 10,000 people and made them fight each other”
6.The Dominion of The-WiredPsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“The Future is Wired!”
7.The Supreme State of AtjermenanInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Kami kuat, kita besar dan kami dominan!”
8.The Empire of Neu ViktovienInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Ehre sei dem Kaiser!”
9.The United Kingdom of CendiaMoralistic Democracy Narrow-Minded Backwoodsy Bigots“Without Peace, a country is nothing”
10.The Republic of Squele WasselandMoralistic Democracy Narrow-Minded Backwoodsy Bigots“From Many, One”

Regional Happenings


ASEAN REGION Regional Message Board


Principality Of Mersia wrote:I am new, could anyone help me?

Hello! What kind of help do you need don't mind i supressed your post, i was going to click quote

Please note that I am an alternate account for Riceia

Same with cendia Neu Viktovien and Venontania

I’m also riceia

State Peace and Development Council wrote:URGENT NOTICE

Under the leadership of Borneon Nations, this region has continued to struggle on a day-to-day basis. I intend to regain complete control of the regional government if this region does not improve. I urge the current administration to implement, revise, adopt and enforce a plan that will improve regional conditions.

Under the guidelines that I will issue, the administration has until April 21, 2019 (Pacific Standard Time) to broadly turnaround this region. I gave them the authority to do change, yet it appears that they don't want change.

Under my leadership, I agree that we did not have democracy. Certain groups of nations told me to implement change. I told them okay. Now when in leadership, they're not doing anything! We did not get a single new nation. The only thing we got was a proxy nation that handles elections, doesn't count!

And how do you exactly plan to regain control? Are you looking for warfare?

Great news, everyone! After the regional presidential election (February 24), our nation count raised from 25 to 44! (that's a 60% increase, if I calculated it right). In this day alone, 14 nations moved in! I hope we can still invite other nations to come in here. also i am so concerned, that i'm wondering if half of us are puppets lol

New Order Philippines wrote:Great news, everyone! After the regional presidential election (February 24), our nation count raised from 25 to 42! (that's a 60% increase, if I calculated it right). I hope we can still invite other nations to come in here. also i am so concerned, that i'm wondering if half of us are puppets lol

I am very happy that the region has had this increased growth. This will just mean new opportunities for everyone. Since February, I am sure many new nations have joined (including Lizhou) and so it should be very obvious that there is no need for anyone to abruptly retake over control of the region. Long live ASEAN Region!

After some diplomatic talks with His Excellency, Trivian, I have proudly announce our treaty between India and ASEAN REGION.

This treaty marks the beginning of a wonderful friendships and strong diplomatic relationship between India and ASEAN.


In an effort to create a powerful bond between India and ASEAN Region, the following treaty of friendship is declared to be agreed upon by both government entities. With this treaty, and the spirit of cooperation that lead to its design, may our two regions find peace and good fortune together and trust that it will make us stronger, even in times when trouble may try to overcome us.

Article I – Mutual Recognition

1. The members of this treaty recognize the current governments of each region and the ideologies that lead to their creation, and agree to recognize any legal government that follows, and any legal successor appointed by either delegate.

2. Each member region recognizes that the sovereignty of each government is inherently within the delegate, the decisions they make, and the authority they maintain as symbols of unity for both regions.

3. Both regions agree to recognize any territories occupied, captured, or under the general authority of either region as an extension of its sovereignty, and any territorial claims maintained by either party member to this treaty.

Article II – Diplomatic Relations

1. The members of this treaty shall maintain diplomatic connections with one another, both in game and on the respected forums of each region, and under no circumstance remove either one of these connections in an effort to ensure positive diplomatic relations.

2. Diplomats of both regions will make an attempt to hear out one another, and engage in open and respectful discussion so that the possibility of strain on this relationship is prevented, and that even from the most taxing situations, creating prosperous circumstances for both regions may result.

3.Signatory regions shall provide an embassy for the other signatory and shall provide a representative from their region who will act as an ambassador from their region.

4.Each signatory will endeavor to keep the other up-to-date on their regional affairs.

Article III – Mutual Defense

1. Both regions agree to never take up arms against one another, nor undertake any action that is aimed at the overthrow of the legitimate government of either region, or to hinder its operation.

2. Neither region will engage in espionage against the other under any circumstance.

3.Regardless of military alignment, or type of operation being conducted, both members of this treaty agree to respect the sovereign right of each region to use their force however they like, as long as it does not break any provision in this treaty.

Article IV – Culture

1. Both regions agree to allow the promotion of each other’s cultural events on their regional forum, and regional message board, but will refrain from sending mass telegrams to one another’s regions in order to advertise these events.

2. The members of this treaty will respect the cultural environments within each region, and work to promote the prosperity of these cultures so that they may flourish, and further influence the world for the better.

3. The signatories of this treaty agree to host joint cultural events whenever they see fit in an effort to increase the richness of both regional cultures, and the depth of the relationship this treaty creates.

Article V-Dissolution

1.If either regional government is considering withdrawal from this treaty, representatives from both regions must first meet and make a good-faith effort to find a solution to the issue(s) causing withdrawal.

2.If that good-faith effort fails, then either member of this treaty may withdraw by posting a notice in the embassy of the other region.

3.There will then be a two-day period before the treaty cancellation is considered final.

4.Termination of this treaty shall not be seen as an act of war or hostility by either side.

Signed by:

His Excellency,
New Order Philippines
President,ASEAN Region


His Excellency,
Hindu Mahasabha
Foreign Minister,India

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um no, i just sent out mass telegrams if youre wondering why theres a recent influx of new members

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