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The Assembly of Regions is an interregional organization built on the principles of democracy, participation of members, interregional cooperation, and the betterment of the communities within our member regions. We work to ensure that members have, not only their regional communities, but also an international community to turn to for activities and interaction. If you are interested in joining the Assembly of Regions, please contact Averra to begin your region's application. Below you will find links to important information about our group! Thank you for looking into the AoR!

LinkWebsite | LinkGovernment | LinkMembers | LinkConstitution | LinkDiscord | LinkLegislation Archive

Regions United in Diversity

Embassies: India, Union of Democrats, Novus Lucidum, Southfield, Africa, Melayu Archipelago, The Independent Newspaper, The Monarchy alliance, New Reich of Bunicken, Lasagna, Eastfield, The Moonlight Battle Born, United Christian Empires of the West, Europae, Dolokhovist Union, The south India, and 2 others.The Heirs of Rome, and RAMS.

Tags: Democratic, Eco-Friendly, LGBT, Neutral, Offsite Chat, Password, and Small.

Assembly of Regions contains 7 nations, the 2,533rd most in the world.

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The Least Corrupt Governments in Assembly of Regions

World Census agents tempted government officials with financial and other inducements to bend the rules and recorded how often their proposals were declined.

As a region, Assembly of Regions is ranked 3,497th in the world for Least Corrupt Governments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of AoR Internal Affairs OfficeCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Regions Together”
2.The Republic of AoR Foreign Affairs OfficeCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Regions Together”
3.The Republic of AoR Technical OfficeCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Regions Together”
4.The Republic of AoR Council of Regions OfficeCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“The Council Presides”
5.The Office of Assembly of Regions FounderCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Regions Unite for Peace”
6.The Minister of Assembly of Regions Archives OfficeCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Regions Unite for Peace”
7.The Account of AoR Speaker of the House OfficeInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Regions Together”

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Assembly of Regions Regional Message Board

Hey so I really want to do something for AoR, any work that needs to be done remember that I'm avaliable.

The Grey Isles wrote:Hey so I really want to do something for AoR, any work that needs to be done remember that I'm avaliable.

Are you good at cartography?

Assembly of Regions Founder wrote:Are you good at cartography?

You mean making Maps? Yeah, I made the one for Lasagna. Look at the WFE for the map fispatch and look at my work

The Grey Isles wrote:You mean making Maps? Yeah, I made the one for Lasagna. Look at the WFE for the map fispatch and look at my work

I will look! Give me one second!

The Grey Isles wrote:You mean making Maps? Yeah, I made the one for Lasagna. Look at the WFE for the map fispatch and look at my work

Contact Genevea about it. They are looking for some aid from the AoR with their regional map.

Hi! I am Latiouthel the Foreign Affairs Minister of the Union of Democrats , I am the New Diplomat and Ambassador to the Assembly of Regions

Latiouthel wrote:Hi! I am Latiouthel the Foreign Affairs Minister of the Union of Democrats , I am the New Diplomat and Ambassador to the Assembly of Regions

Wonderful! You can message the Chancellor on the discord or on NS to further discussions

Hello everyone!

This is the Public Affairs Minister of the Assembly of Regions, and I was just wanting to update all of you on the upcoming elections on 10 July, 2020! This election, you will have the choice between several parties (including two independents and two new parties who are vying for seats), as well as three constitutional amendments which could change several features of how the Assembly functions.

1. The House of Delegates Elections:

These elections, you will have the choice between several political parties. Below is a list of political platforms for each party running in the elections as provided to the Assembly of Regions and available on the website:

- Green Peace Party (GPP)
1. Equal representation and peaceful coexistence for all member regions
2. Effective immigration policy and member admission policy
3. Mutual defense between member regions
4. Government transparency, providing guides to the government
5. More interregional events, such as a Eurovision-style writing contest
6. Active and accountable moderation team
7. Supports regional sovereignty.

- United Global Democrats (UGD)
1. Pushing for multilingual initiatives
2. Boost participation of clubs and overall NS on-site activity
3. Want to create 1˝ week training session for private lawyers in the AOR
4. Supports the Civil Rights Watch Committee (club in the AOR)
5. Establish an enhanced process for candidate regions applying to the AOR
6. Supports boosting activity in inactive regions before trying to kick them out of the AOR
7. Wants to require all constitutional amendments go through a vote of the people, and the parliament be removed from the process.
8. Proposes a public translation office to allow citizens of all language regions access to resources in languages they understand.
9. Supports political debates held by the Assembly before every election to increase voter participation
10. Supports reform of the criminal justice system to make punishments more lenient.
11. Supports cooperation agreements between OOC and IC teams to solve disputes.
12. Supports further AoR integration between members

- Homeland League (HL)
1. Anti-Federalism and Regional Sovereignty
2. Social Conservatism (and Conservatism as a whole)
3. Nationalism in regions and in real life
4. Friendship initiatives among AOR members
5. Multi Partisan cooperation to achieve virtuous ends
6. Responsible and Accountable Government

- New Democracy Party (ND)
1. Support for underdeveloped regions in terms of recruitment and better cataloging of information.
2. Transparent and efficient government, removal of any inactive, inefficient A.O.R. institutions as needed
3. Having a unified system of AoR resources that all regions can access - with members helping each other with their individual expertise.
4. Promoting individual culture, while also working towards a closer AoR government.
5. Promoting the implementation of democratic ideals in AoR policy.
6. Free movement between A.O.R. member regions.
7. Supports reform of the criminal justice system.
8. Supports an ambassador program from the AoR to member regions.
9. Supports a codified system to gain membership, and streamlining the process.

- Regionalist Party (RGP)
1. Supports regional sovereignty initiatives
2. Supports left winged activism on NationStates
3. Rejects the principle of nationalism, and supports outreach across borders.
4. Supports proportional representation.
5. Supports regional governments being able to propose laws to the Assembly of Regions government.
6. Supports bilingualism in the Assembly of Regions

- Reformist Party (RFP)
1. Supports further Assembly of Regions integration
2. Supports the removal of proportional representation from the house, and introduce ranked choice voting.
3. Supports a popularly elected Chancellor of the Assembly of Regions, and a removal of parliamentary democracy.
4. Supports a limited mutual defense initiative among member regions.
5. Supports judicial reform and a publication of judicial decisions in all official languages
6. Supports bilingualism in the Assembly of Regions
7. Supports unicameral systems in the Assembly.

We urge you to look at each party and vote based on what you believe is the closet to your personal values. Elections are for what you want, and no government, region, or party can force you one direction or another. On 10 July, 2020 we hope to see a House which reflects, not the will of parties or regions or large groups, but the wants of the Assembly of Regions citizens, and what they feel is best for the organization as a whole moving forward.

Next we have the constitutional amendments which will change the operations of the Assembly of Regions. These amendments will require 50% of the AoR citizens to approve. Please cast your ballot in this election, as every vote on these initiatives matter! Without further delay, here are the proposals on the ballot:

1. The Amendment for Unicameralism in the Assembly:
This amendment would provide a unicameral body to serve as the legislative branch, titled the Council of Representatives. The new Council of Representatives would have one optional seat per region (meaning regions will always be guaranteed one seat in the council, but are not required to fill it if they do not wish to). These seats for each region can either be elected or appointed based on what system of government each region uses. The remaining members of the Council will be elected through the same proportional representation system we have today. The amount of members elected by proportional representation under this amendment may be no less than 17, but may be increased from that number through a super majority vote of the Council.

Supporting Argument: "The amendment would merge the two houses and provide for independent members to be elected to the legislature, it would provide each member region one guaranteed representative in the legislative process, and would provide for regions to provide a voting member only if they wish, and not mandatory. This will cut down on the inactive members regions send to the Assembly due to being forced by the constitution to do so."

Opposition Argument: "Unicameralism removes a second chamber of the parliament who can review laws passed, and therefore opens up more opportunity for flaws in legislation to arise. Further - this system removes the purely regional side of the legislature, and would make the parliament less region based, and reflect the voice of the organization as a whole"

Amendment for Associate Member Representation
This amendment would, as the name suggests, give Associate Members a non-voting voice in the Assembly of Regions parliament. This would allow for better representation for these members, who currently have no voting rights in the Assembly as it stands. These members could only participate in debates, and could not run for speaker, chairman, or vote on legislation however.

Supporting Argument: "This bill would allow associates to become more involved in the decision making process of the Assembly, and would reflect the democratic ideals the Assembly of Regions stands for. This would also allow Associate members the right to give their opinions on legislation that may effect their relationship with the Assembly of Regions as a whole."

Opposition Argument: "This bill would still not allow for associate members to vote on legislation that effects them, and simply puts a band-aid on a larger problem that exists in the Assembly: the violation of the right to vote for regions who are not full members. This amendment opens the door for the Assembly to put in place a minor solution, and ignore the bigger issue."

Amendment for Unified Term Lengths
This amendment would set the term lengths of all elected officials in the Assembly of Regions to three months total. Currently the House of Delegates is elected every 2 months, the Council of Regions every 3 months, and the Chancellor every 4 months. The amendment seeks to compress all these offices into one election date: the 10th day of every 3rd month.

Supporting Argument: "Currently the election process for the Assembly is overburdening, with regions having to hold an election every month for the organization, on top of elections for their own regional governments. We seek to have one single election for all offices every three months to eliminate the burden of electoral stress on all members of the Assembly."

Opposition Argument: "If we compress these elections into three month periods, we would eliminate the valuable midterm election for the Chancellor, so they can see their performance as the voters either vote for or against their party in the polls. The existence of a midterm election is important for the good functioning of a democracy."

Here is your voter guide! Please cast an informed vote on 10 July, 2020.

The Monthly Tabloid

India Official Newsletter
June 2020

Editor: Indusse
Writers: Indusse

Editor's Desk

Dear Readers,
Warm Greetings to all fellow readers of The Monthly Tabloid. This is the first edition of the newsletter. The Monthly Tabloid is the official newsletter of the region of india. The tabloid aims to share the happenings in the region with others. Please read our newsletter and upvote the dispatch.


Regional News

Founder Reigns!!

The most important incident that took place in India on June 2020 is the crowning of the new founder for the region. The founder account Nirupama which was used by former WAD Tripunithura for 9 long years was handed over to former WAD and current Prime minister Indusse. The crowning was done between the WAD elections and Thripunithura retired from the founder's office. He had served India from its re-establishment and before. The Former founder had contributed numerous good remarks to India. Wishing all the best in his future, The Indian Administration ends the article.

NK the new WAD!!!

Neo Kerala was elected the new WAD of India the June elections. He won the Elections easily due to his reputation, activeness and his position in the region. He faced tough competition from the former WAD Indusse. The other rival was Indus Valley Civilization who quit the elections half way. Indus valley civilization who stood as pragjyotishpura couldn't get even 7 votes in the Elections. The founder Nirupama sworned in Neo kerala and his proposed cabinet on 14th June 2020. The region found a great rise in its population after the election reaching the biggest in its history.

Coup De Etat!

The region witnessed a rare incident on 29th June. The regional delegate Neo Kerala was overthrown in a accidental Coup by the prime minister and former WAD Indusse. The coup gained Foreign attention and discussions started in the discord. Later, The administration set up a reverse coup which made Neo Kerala the WAD again. Due to the Coup, the region imposed a temporary Endorsement cap. The admin nations can have upto 20 endorsements whereas others 15. The coup resulted in sudden confusion and debates.

Diplomacy Boost!!

India, a region founded in the Antiquity and liberated and refounded with the help of Texas,10000 islands and Yggdrassil in 2009 planned to open embassies and consulates In reputed regions of Nationstates. The prime minister lodged requests for Consulates in the regions of The East Pacific and The south Pacific. The consulate requests were approved within a day or two and the Regional consulate started it's working then and there. The region reopened embassies with its old Allied Region of Yggdrassil with the help of Goddess Relief Office and Thembria SSR.

Champion de AIFC

After the long interval, sports cycle restarted in India with the second season of All India Football League (AIFL). The tournament was a success and Indusse became the champions defeating Kumbhalgarh in the finals for 1-0. The tournament hosted by Orissa Islands which is the puppet of former champions Northwest Kalactin was the exhibition of the soccer spirit and Fanbases in India. Indusse who won the tournament didn't loose a single match this season. The effort of Gilgit and Baltistan, sports minister and Orissa Islands, Host helped the tournament to be a success and get completed. Special Mention to Kumbhalgarh for their extraordinary sporting spirit and performance in the tournament. The tournament stats can be founded here.

Inter-Ministry Appointment

The Cabinet Members called for a meeting for discussing the establishment of inter-cabinet appointments in the region. Nations wants to participate in the administration and help the ministers to make India great. Upon the requests of Bharat India and Euphrateans, the prime minister called on a meeting of the other ministers. The meeting results have not yet been published and would be done soon. The most awaiting results will be published to all.


The FunBox is the play area of the Monthly Tabloid. From the next editions it will have Fun,Games and Interviews. Nations interested to have a game published please contact the Editor via Telegram or Discord. (Discord tag: Indusse#2211)


A place for Advertising your GE&T businesses, YT channels or Servers.


1. The Monthly Tabloid needs writers and Staff for publishing it's monthly newsletters. Interested candidates please contact the editor via telegram or Discord.
Discord tag: Indusse#2211

2. The Monthly Tabloid needs a newsletter logo (banner type) and banners for sections like Regional News,Funbox and Advertisement from nations from any region. Interested please contact the Editor.

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The first edition of the Regional newsletter is up!!!

GPP has a sentiment to build on AoR's forgotten military and to make it an organized ministry which will provide safety for all AoR members, so we don't have raiders which have raided our beautiful member regions and their territories in the past such as Novus Lucidium and Lasagna. We recognize and acknowledge that not all regions like the idea of a military, so the military will be an optional branch that member regions and citizens of AoR can choose to join upon their will. We promise to build on this in the next term as it is very important we do so in order to upkeep a region's sovereignty.

Some bills that GPP has produced and passed in AoR are the Regional Unity Celebrations Act which declares that once every 4 months, there shall be an Expo which shall be held in AoR so all regions can mingle with each other and get to know one another better.

The Regional Unity Celebrations Act is an act that will get all member regions to become more united with one another and for all regions and nations to get to know one another better.

Article 1: Every Chancellor term, a celebration of culture and history of each regions shall take place during the middle of the term, so that regions can have time to prepare.
Article 2: The celebration time period can be anywhere from 1 day to 1 week depending upon the Minister of Interior and/or Chancellor.
Article 3: The celebrations shall be in the form of an Expo where there can be speakers, presentations, displays, etc.
Article 4: The event shall take place on AoR's RMB and on discord for the convenience of all citizens and regions.

This bill highlights the unity that AoR can achieve, but also a chance to learn about different cultures and regions.

This bill was the wonderful idea of Katanga Vristaadt and written by Awell Islands, both proudly representing GPP.

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I already talked about the HoD Expansion, so you can find that in the past rmb messages or in the last rmb page. This was one of our greatest accomplishments and further representation of all regions in the lower house including Lasagna.

In order to properly describe and outline what "legal raiding" and "illegal raiding" is in AoR, GPP came up with an excellent soltuion to this which makes it perfectly clear.

All regions involved in illegally raiding would be disbanded from AoR

Legal Raiding Practices

- liberation of an AoR member region
- liberation of an AoR associate or non-member region
- the act of preserving an inactive regions for historical purposes
- having a war declared upon an AoR member region and attacking the war-calling region

Illegal Raiding Practices

- raiding an AoR member region for pleasure, revenge, or power
- raiding an AoR associate and non-member region for pleasure, revenge, or power

Ministry of Internal Affairs,
Awell Islands

Ratified by current Chancellor,

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The Vocals Chambers Act is a law which enforces proper civility and etiquette in both parliament chambers of HoD and CoR so it stays professional on discord.

The Voting Chambers Vocals Act is a measure taken in order to put an end to individuals talking about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING else other than the normal voting procedure along the lines of Aye, Nay, and Abstain. In order to keep the Voting Chambers clean and easy to manage and keep track of, the following Articles are needed:

Article 1: Voting Chambers

Section 1: All nations in both parliaments of AoR cannot speak on the CoR and HoD Voting Chambers other than when there is a vote going on in which case they are allowed to say something along the lines of Aye, Nay, and Abstain.

Section 2: Nations outside of the two parliaments who have the ability to post in the voting chambers cannot post in it no matter what.

Section 3: Only the Speaker or Chairman of the House of Council shall have the power to speak words other than something along the lines of Aye, Nay, and Abstain as long as it is in a responsible manner.

Section 4: Any interruptions to this bill's statements shall be dealt with by the Speaker or Chairman

Section 5: In order to show civility and order, no emojis or reactions can be done in both voting chambers.

Article 2: Proposal Chambers

Section 1: All proposals/bills are to be posted here for it to be discussed and voted upon by the two respective parliaments.

Section 2: All CoR, HoD, and other members of AoR are allowed to propose bills with the exception of judicial judges, associates, and of course non-members.

Section 3: Only proposals/bill are to be posted in the proposals channel of each parliament, nothing else.

Section 4: In order to keep the parliaments at the topmost standard, no emoji's or reactions are permitted.

Archives of Votes HoD:
Ohino / Union of Democrats / Green Peace Party:
North / The Monarchy Alliance / New Democracy:
Virgin Islands / The Monarchy Alliance / New Democracy:
Holy Roman Empires2 / The Monarchy Alliance / New Democracy:
Alpstein / Southfield / United Global Democrats:
Katanga / Africa / Green Peace Party:
Genevea / Southfield / United Global Democrats:
Latiouthel / Union of Democrats / Green Peace Party:
Marieholm / Southfield / United Global Democrats:
Neo Kerala / India / Green Peace Party:
Ruzzio / Southfield / Green Peace Party:
Soracana Islands / Melayu Archipelago / Green Peace Party:
Yis / Southfield / Green Peace Party:
Sir Rost Dreadnorramus / New Reich of Bunicken / Homeland League:
Sandraudiga / New Reich of Bunicken / Homeland League:
Victorian Isles / Eastfield / United Global Democrats:
Blackflayme / Eastfield / United Global Democrats:
Overall Vote:
Pass or Fail

Archives of Votes CoR:
Andhrastate / India / Green Peace Party:
Wintermoore / Southfield / United Global Democrats:
Clovena / Union of Democrats / Green Peace Party:
Bigman / New Reich of Bunicken / Homeland League:
South East Asia / Melayu Archipelago / Green Peace Party:
Mombombu / Africa / Green Peace Party:
Odinburgh / Novus Lucidum / Independant:
Overall Vote:
Pass or Fail:

Written by: Awell Islands

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Additionally, GPP nations started an AoR Roleplay for AoR which I would like to invite you all to! It is a nation-based roleplay and open to all AoR regions. It is done on discord, but is also available to roleplay on AoR's rmb.
Please contact Awell Islands or Katanga Vristaadt for more information and to get involved! It is a great way to be involved.

Finally, GPP managed to push the government and court of AoR to extend the voting day for HoD from 1 day on July 10, to 2 full days, so from July 8-10, so more people can vote and AoR's citizens can be fully represented. Please feel free to join our discord server for GPP as well if interested to be involved:

Have a good day!!

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